Comprehensive Approach to Child Abuse

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The research line conducts practice-based academic research that contributes to an effective, useful innovative, sustainable and comprehensive approach to child abuse.

Within the broad theme of child abuse, the research line focuses in particular on: 

Primary prevention

  • Making the dark sides of parenting a subject for discussion
  • Breaking the taboo around child abuse
  • Strengthening all parents in their parenting

Secondary prevention

  • Strengthening vulnerable parents in their parenting (reducing risks, strengthening protective factors);
  • Early detection and tailor-made options. 

Strengthening the actions and attitude of the (prospective) professional

  • Working with the reporting code
  • Talk about (suspected) child abuse
  • Working together and learning from each other

Use experiential expertise

Pay attention to the perspective of all parties involved (perpetrator/victim/bystander).

Use experiential knowledge in addition to academic and practical knowledge. 

Research, education & practice