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Biobased Ingredients

As the world's population grows, the demand for healthy food, including proteins and protein-rich products, also continues to rise. To keep up with this demand, we need to drastically adapt our current food production.

Animal-based protein alone will not get us where we need to be, its production takes up a lot of land area, emits relatively large amounts of CO2 and consumes large amounts of raw materials.

The question we are working on is: How do we produce enough plant-based protein and process it efficiently into tasty products with high nutritional value?


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    Biomolecules and Health

    The professorship Biomolecules and Health focuses on the molecular processes involved in health and disease, particularly the impact of biobased molecules on living systems. These living systems include everything from microbial communities to human cell lines and humanised 3D models. This professorship is led by professor Fin Milder. The aim of the professorship is to achieve a healthier and more sustainable society.

    Fin Milder
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    Data Science for Life Sciences & Health

    This professorship focuses on the use of existing technologies and the development of new technologies around data science, with a focus the life sciences. It focuses on the research lines Knowledge mining and Knowledge mapping. With the development of new artificial intelligence techniques to quickly and efficiently collect, process, model and analyse scientific data, the Data Sciences for Life Sciences & Health research area contributes to the development of cost-effective and high-quality food and pharmaceutical agents based on biobased ingredients.

    Wynand Alkema
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    Healthy Food & Nutrition

    The Healthy Food & Nutrition professorship conducts practice-oriented research in the field of sustainable food products for healthy lifestyles. It differs from the other professorships by focusing on personalised product development. This includes the composition, texture and availability of new macro- and micronutrients, for example plant proteins, slowly digestible bran and fibre. This learning task has been set up in collaboration with Van Hall Larenstein.

    Lizette Oudhuis

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