MoMi: Study Progress Monitoring & Yearly Check

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The Modern Migration Policy Act (MoMi) is the Dutch immigration law. This law requires that all non-EU students in possession of a residence permit for ‘study’ obtain at least 50% of the nominal number of study credits (ECTS) each academic year. Hanze University of Applied Sciences is obliged to monitor your study progress, and to inform the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) when the requirements aren’t met.

Academic year

An academic year starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of August. The credits that you obtain in this period of time count towards the MoMi requirement (it does not matter to which study year the credits originally belong to).

Required study credits (ECTS)

In most instances 60 study credits will be available for you to obtain during an academic year. The required study credits are therefore as follows:

Category Required study credits (ECTS) in an academic year
First year students starting in September 30 ECTS
First year students starting in February 15 ECTS
Higher year students 30 ECTS
Premaster and preparatory year students Complete programme
* Higher year students (more than 30 but fewer than 60 credits available) 30 ECTS
* Higher year students (fewer than 30 credits available)  100% of the available credits

*You can fall in this category when, for example, you are not allowed to start second/third year courses or an internship before any previous courses have been completed. Always make sure to confirm the exact amount of credits you need to obtain with your academic counsellor and Team Immigration.

Yearly Check

At the end of each academic year (around June) you are invited to the mandatory Yearly Check procedure. Here we will check if you still meet all the requirements to stay in possession of your residence permit and thus; that you have obtained the required amount of study credits.


The deadline to obtain the required study credits is the 31st of August.

Excusable reasons

When you face a study delay due to personal hardships there are a few situations that exempt you from the MoMi requirement at the end of the academic year, namely:

  • Serious illness or pregnancy;
  • Disability or chronic illness;
  • Special family or personal circumstances;
  • You were unable to study because one or more courses for which you were enrolled were not offered, cancelled or because there was a serious case of mismanagement for which you were not responsible.

Make an appointment with a student counsellor from Hanze Student Support if you are dealing with any personal hardships that cause or have caused a delay in your studies.


If you do not meet the ECTS requirement, it will no longer be possible for you to keep your residence permit. At the end of the academic year we will have to inform the IND about any insufficient study progress. They will revoke your residence permit accordingly.