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​Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS) has student exchange agreements with a large number of universities from all over the world. Each year we are happy to welcome many international students.

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You will have the opportunity to study at Hanze UAS for one or two semesters without paying any tuition fee to us – you will continue to pay your fee to your home university. To find out if your home university has a student exchange agreement with Hanze UAS, please contact your university's student exchange office.

On this page you will find all the information you need for your application as an exchange student. You can find our exchange programmes on our website.

Download our Fact Sh​eet for more detailed information and read more about the great student city of Groningen!

Application Procedure Spring Semester 2020


From 15 September 2018 we have implemented a new online application system.  As with all new systems, there might be some bugs we have not foreseen.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you or your students experience any problems.  We will do our very best to solve them asap!

How to apply

1. Be nominated by your home university

Your university's exchange office will need to fill out the online nomination form.  Students cannot nominate themselves and can only be nominated for a Hanze School as stated in the agreement between Hanze UAS and your home university.

We accept nominations for the spring semester 2020 from 15 September - 15 October 2019. Nominations and applications for the autumn semester 2019 are now closed.

Please note that a nomination is not a confirmed place on a specific programme. Seats are allocated once you have submitted your online application and Hanze UAS has reviewed your documents.

2. Complete the online application

Each Hanze School has their own online application link. Once your nomination has been confirmed by us, you will receive a personal application link and further details on how to apply online. We will be sending this information to nominated students from 15 September. The application is fully digital and documents do not have to be sent by email or postal mail. Our application deadline is on 1 November.

Required documents:
Please note: we only accept documents in PDF. Photos taken on your phone are not accepted!

  • Official Transcript of Records: your most recent grade list in English, validated by your home university. We do not require an English language test result.
  • Passport (EU/EER students can upload their ID card, front and back): A readable copy. Make sure it is valid throughout the period of your exchange.
  • Learning Agreement: Signed by you and your home institution.
    You can download ourLearning Agreement​ or upload the learning Agreement of your home university. Students applying for the International Business School and Prince Claus Conservatoire do not need to upload a learning agreement.
  • Art Students Only: Portfolio or url to online portfolio
  • Additional documents: some Schools require additional documents.  If so, then this will be mentioned in your application link at the 'documents' section.
When you have submitted your online application you will receive an automated confirmation email with your student number.  The student administration will send you a link to upload your photo.  This does not mean that you have been accepted.  We will first have to assess your documents.

3. Receive your letter of acceptance

Once you have submitted your online application, we aim to send your letter of acceptance and further information about an exchange in Groningen within 3 weeks.

4. Apply for a visa/permit

If you have a non-European nationality, you will need a visa/permit to study in The Netherlands. Our immigration office will apply for your visa/permit and will contact you with the immigration procedure once you have received your acceptance letter.

5. Apply for housing

Hanze UAS does not have on-campus accommodation. We urge you to  apply for housing as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Don't wait too long with your search as suitable accommodation can be difficult to find if you leave it too late. 
Also check out: 

6. Good to know

Download the Good to Know leaflet and check out for practical information about your exchange in Groningen.


Important Deadlines

Nomination period:

  • Autumn semester (start September): 15 March - 15 May
  • Spring semester (start February): 15 September - 15 October

Application period:

  • Autumn semester (start September): 15 April - 1 June
    Students from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal will need to apply before 1 May
  • Spring semester (start February): 15 September - 1 November 
    Students from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal will need to apply before 1 October

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