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Addiction Studies and Forensic Care

The research group Addiction Studies and Forensic Care focuses mainly on addicted people with complex problems, such as people whose parents or partners also struggle with an addiction and people who also have to deal with the police and the judicial system.

Attention should be paid to these groups of addicted people because their social network is often seriously affected or has even disappeared. Care providers for these addicted people also regularly struggle with how to take action and which action to take, because the problems are complex and often many different parties are involved. In addition, healthcare budgets are shrinking, which necessitates changes in healthcare. And then there are the transitions taking place in healthcare (Social Support Act, Youth Act, Participation Act), which means that care providers have to learn how to work in new and different ways.


Inauguration professor Eric Blaauw

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Inauguration Eric Blaauw, professor of Addiction and Forensic Care