Active lifestyle

Actieve leefstijl

Having an active lifestyle is important for both young and old. But despite the efforts of many parties (such as governments, scientists and professionals), we still do not exercise enough, and this has not yet led to an active lifestyle for the Dutch on a large scale. 

One of the most important reasons for this is that we are still not taking a systematic approach to the problem and that not enough attention is paid to the implementation of an active lifestyle. A systematic approach looks at the individual, but also takes into account the physical and social environment and the policy and policitical context. These levels are inextricably linked in practice. Multiple sectors (sports, health, education, welfare, spatial planning etc.) and actors (citizens, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc.) are involved. 

Citizen science also plays an important role in this. The opinions, involvement and input of citizens are important to achieve actual implementation and impact in practice. Together with citizens, we can ensure an active lifestyle. 

Our ambition is to stimulate sport and physical activity and promote an active lifestyle in different contexts, based on a systems approach. In this way, we make a postive contribution to the health of all residents of the Northern Netherlands.