Lectoraat Praktijkgerichte Sportwetenschap

Sport Sciences

Research is conducted within the research group on four knowledge themes. Each theme has a coordinator and one or more PhD candidates who conduct long-term research on the central theme. In addition, lecturer-researchers are involved in the research projects, ensuring a strong connection to education.


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    Sustainable participation in sports and physical activity

    Sustainable participation in sports and physical activity is an important source of connection, development and personal growth in our society. Participation, however, is not self-evident.

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    Learning how to move better

    Learning how to move better is an important prerequisite for lifelong, sustainable, safe, enjoyable and healthy life of sports and exercise.

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  • Actieve leefstijl

    Actieve leefstijl

    An active lifestyle is important for young and old.

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  • Toekomstbestendige organisatie van sport en bewegen

    Future-proof organization of sports and exercise

    A future-proof sports organization can easily adapt to societal changes and personal needs.

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Transition accelerators

Through research on so-called transition accelerators, we want to increase the impact of our practice-oriented research. The transition accelerators are Citizen Science, Learning Communities, and Technology & Digitization. 

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Our team

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  • Dr. Johan de Jong

    Professor Healthy Lifestyle, Sports and Physical Activity

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  • Dr. Remo Mombarg

    Professor Sports Education and Youth Sports

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