GUM - Generations Uniting through Movement


Physical activities that appeal to both young and old are often more about staying active rather than organised sports. GUM wants to bring old and young together with activities that are both fun and accessible.

The GUM project is aimed at playing traditional games and sports as a way to improve relationships between generations and to stimulate being active. For this we want to set up an innovative and sustainable GUM programme, which includes a European platform and network, training modules, an e-learning platform and policy instruments. The project partners have indicated they would like to see the realisation of a platform and a European network. They would also like to map the means, strategies and initiatives for intergenerational sports and activities programmes that already exist. The GUM project offers an innovative solution: it is a sustainable and accessible model that meets these needs through the creation of a network at EU-level (of more than 100 stakeholders) with a combination of intergenerational initiatives in the field of sports and activities, an e-learning platform with an e-learning training about this specific subject and the testing of the GUM programme in various countries.

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