Good quality Physical Education is essential for allowing children to be sufficiently active. In order to improve the quality of physical education, this project will develop a training programme, aimed at PE-teachers in collaboration with six European partners.

This programme focusses on the designing and offering of a positive and rewarding learning environment in physical exercise education, in which the motor and psycho-social development of children is stimulated as much as possible.

European Primary Physical Education Teacher Education Program (E-PRIME)

Being sufficiently active is very important for the health and development of children. To make sure they are physically active enough, good physical education is essential. In practice however, the quality of physical education is not always considered sufficient. In this project we want to improve the quality of physical education, in order to make sure young children have a good quality and quantity of activities and to develop a healthy lifestyle.

In order to achieve this we will develop a training programme, together with six European partners, in the shape of a learning environment with videos and a handbook with practical activities. This programme will qualify PE-teachers to stimulate the motor and psychosocial development of children aged 4 to 7 in the best possible way. The programme has a strong focus on how teachers can offer a positive and rewarding learning environment. The programme will be developed in close collaboration with children, parents, sports coaches and other relevant stakeholders. In this way we hope to contribute to a sufficiently active and healthy younger generation throughout Europe.

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