We want to contribute to the future of an inclusive and high performing digital educational ecosystem prepared for the next generation of digital youth.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to increase awareness and enhance the development of digital literacy and inclusion of all people involved in higher education: teachers and educators, staff, students, and external parties we collaborate and engage with in our education. Through creating more awareness about digital literacy for inclusion, collaboration and innovation, we aim to inspire every actor in higher education to learn more about their digital skills and mindset, nurturing a lifelong learning attitude.

Our Approach

At the start of our project, we gather experiences and information in our institutions that helps us to identify and prioritize the most relevant topics to be included in our Common Digital Agenda, which serves as a reference point to developing activities and tools in IGNITION’s project activities. The design of our agenda, tools and activities relies heavily on the European Framework for the Digital Competences of Educators, DigCompEdu. This is a validated framework, designed and tested by the European Commission, and it helps teachers and educators   understand what it means to be digitally competent.  

What are we working on?

Community of Practice (CoP) for Digital Literacy and Inclusion

The Community of Practice (CoP) is created as a space for sharing. Here teachers and professionals in the field of education will learn from and inspire each other, by co-creating innovative pedagogies, developing and testing new methods, and platforms for digital collaborative learning. 

By joining the CoP, you have an opportunity to learn from and with international colleagues through shared practices, which are supported by activities and tools designed by IGNITION partners. You will learn more about digital skills and competences. 

The CoP is open to every teacher and professional in the educational field from all levels of digital skill sets. We also welcome warmly digitally highly skilled teachers for sharing their knowledge. 

 Join us and become future-ready for the next generation of digital youth! 

The official kick-off of the CoP takes place in the week of March 14-16, 2023, during an IGNITION Learning Teaching and Training Activity hosted by our partner in Ireland, South East Technological University in Waterford. After that, all CoP’s events are organized in an online setting and will be communicated through IGNITION’s LinkedIn page. 

Online Self-Assessment Tool

Informed by the Digital Agenda and Framework for Digital Literacy, an online self-assessment tool based on DigCompEdu methodology is being designed. The tool is the first step in identifying the digital literacy needs of educators.  It helps us to understand how skilled we are digitally and where and how we can improve. The tool is accessible through our website. Stay tuned to take the test as soon as it is released! 

Digital Challenge and Innovation Learning Lab (DChiLL)

DChiLL strives to conceptualize a multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral and inter-university knowledge creation model that combines physical and virtual learning environments with collaborative digital tools. Here international multidisciplinary student teams, facilitated by teachers, collaborate with researchers and external stakeholders on challenges of digital literacy and inclusion in partner’s regions.    

Toolkit for engaging external stakeholders through digital media

A specific toolkit with strategies, digital media and methods that aims to engage external stakeholders
 for collaboration and innovation in education, for example through challenge-based learning, will be developed. 

Lecturer and researchers from Hanzehogeschool Groningen

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