Legal Platform Circular Economy

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Juridisch Platform project

In this research project a legal platform is developed to support companies with questions about the legislations and regulations regarding the circular economy.

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We want to start a platform where both entrepreneurs and (decentralised) governments can learn more about the legislations and regulations as a limiting factor in a transition towards a circular economy.

The project

Europe, and The Netherlands in particular, aims at having a zero-waste society by 2050. In the transition to a circular economy, becoming less dependent on the production of new raw materials and focusing on reuse and sustainable recycling is key. One of the current obstacles in this transition is the lack of knowledge entrepreneurs and (decentralised) governments have regarding legislation and regulations. For this reason this research project wants to develop an online legal platform that supports companies with legislation and regulations regarding the circular economy. The platform should be accessible and help with questions companies may have regarding how they should adapt and meet the new (future) standards whilst continuing to make a profit.


Marloes Moed, research lecturer and lawyer, is the brain behind this platform. She helps to explore the feasibility of this service model by ensuring the following research phases are carried out:

  • A Needs Analysis: what are the needs of the target group and how can the platform meet these needs? During this phase, data is collected in the form of interviews.
  • Development of core tasks: setting up a general vision for the platform based on the outcome of the Needs Analysis.
  • Research organisational opportunities: share experiences with Versnellingshuis Circular Economy and Platform Ruimte in Regels and discuss organisational opportunities.
  • Budget and financing: explore financial options.
  • Implementation and reporting: Use of platform and form conclusions based on how the platform is being used.

Fields of interest

  • Environment