Onderzoeker Jarno houdt plastic afval vast in het lab voor het lectoraat Biobased chemistry and refinery.


The resources we use as a society are not infinite. That is why researchers have been working for years to develop new sustainable alternatives and improve existing ones. These biobased raw materials play an important role in the path to a biobased economy. For the transition to a sustainable biobased economy, it is crucial to handle biobased raw materials wisely.

The Professorship Biorefinery of the Biobased Economy Knowledge Centre researches and develops new ways to convert biobased raw materials more efficiently into building blocks for numerous industrial applications. Preferably for industries that are important for the Northern Netherlands: such as agriculture, chemistry, food and pharmaceuticals. In collaboration with companies and students, the efficiency, energy balance and economic feasibility of new processes are investigated. In this way, the professorship contributes to knowledge development for the desired sustainability of the (Northern) Netherlands.


  • Chemie in een lab

    Biobased Chemistry & Refinery

    This teaching assignment is led by lecturer André Heeres and focuses on making chemistry more sustainable. Here, we work on converting renewable raw materials into applicable intermediate products and materials. The aim of our research is to develop alternatives to materials derived from petrochemicals. These are materials that depend on fossil fuels. Furthermore, the professorship works on chemical recycling of (bio)polymers and industrial applications of high-quality plant-based ingredients. In this way, the Biobased Chemistry & Refinery chair contributes to a sustainable chemical industry.

    André Heeres
  • Lector Janneke Krooneman staat bij een apparaat in ZAP Groningen.

    Bioconversion & Fermentation Technology

    This professorship is supervised by Janneke Krooneman. It examines how we can use fermentation technology to convert organic compounds into green raw materials. Fermentation is a sustainable production process. Thus, the professorship Bioconversion & Fermentation Technology contributes to making chemistry more sustainable.

    Janneke Krooneman

CBW: Circulaire Biopolymeren Waardeketens

In the research project Circular Biopolymers Value Chains for PHA and Cellulose, research consortium BERNN (Bio Economy Region Northern Netherlands) accumulated insight about the biopolymers PHA and Cellulose. By sharing and further developing this insight with the project partners (both knowledge institutions and companies), we can work on products such as bioplastics and biocomposites. This allows us to contribute to a sustainable industry in the Northern Netherlands. This project was part of the professorship Biorefinery. This video was made as the project was completed. Note: the video is in Dutch.

Circular Biopolymers Value Chains for PHA and Cellulose

Video CBW .png

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