'Graduating in International Business played a big role in my journey at Google'

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Alumnus Chaïm Victor Ben-Zour graduated from the International Business School in 2017 and now works as an Account Strategist at Google in Dublin.

'Learning is a big part of the culture at Google. I have been working and learning at this company for the past 2.5 years as an Account Strategist where I consult companies on how to grow their business using the online landscape. Graduating from IBS played a big role in my journey at Google. Apart from learning the fundamentals of doing business at IBS, I also learned how to collaborate with a wide variety of different people with different backgrounds.'

'IBS is just such an interesting melting pot of remarkable people. Walking around at the office of Google can sometimes really feel like walking around at IBS; both have an energetic, diverse and international environment. Another perk of starting your career at Google after IBS? You get to relocate to Dublin, Ireland!'