I heard that Dutch students are the happiest

Imaan Facility Management.jpg

Imaan is studying International Facility Management and is a driven student. In addition to her regular curriculum, she participates in extra projects, follows the honours programme (30 extra credits) and performs various promotional and informational jobs for her programme.

'The main reason I chose to study International Facility Management in the Netherlands was that I heard that Dutch students are the happiest. I used to study pre meds in Pakistan, but Pakistan has a really competitive school system and it puts a lot of pressure on you. I discovered that the study programme didn’t suit me as well as I imagined. Knowing that I am a really in the field kind of person, studying at an applied university sounded really good to me. Topics that interested me a lot were hospitality, management, law and facilities. I decided to apply for International Facility Management, because this programme contained those subjects as well as others that I like. I want to know how buildings and facilities work. And this study is broader than for example the hotel school, which I liked. The main reason I chose to study International Facility Management in the Netherlands was that I heard that Dutch students are the happiest and that there is less pressure on getting your degree in a certain amount of time. Also the flexibility in changing career over time sounded good to me.'

'Studying in the Netherlands changed me in a good way. Because of how good the school system works, I could make time to do extra stuff next to my studies, such as an honours programme and side jobs. This helped me to develop skills that benefit my studies as well.'

'What I like about the study is that it is very broad, it contains a lot of projects and you really learn how to work in a team. I always used to be a solo girl and adjusting to the teamwork was a challenge, but I learnt a lot from it. Alongside my study programme I follow an honours programme, which offers a broad network and interesting guest lectures. It also looks good on my resume.'

'In the future I would love to still work in an hospital, but then as a manager. In this way I can still contribute to the healthcare system, in other ways than being a doctor. But first I hope to do a masters’ degree in the Netherlands too.'

'My biggest advice to people who are looking around to find the right study programme in a foreign country is to know really well which documents you need and when you need to hand it in. During your orientation, make sure you join events like (online) open days. When you decide to join the International Facility Management programme, make sure you get a good connection with your teachers and mentor. They are more than willing to help you out when you encounter any difficulties. Also live in dorm rooms to get to know people and moreover try to learn some Dutch. Learning the language makes you more part of the country and makes you understand the culture more. I realised that three years of only Duolingo was a waste of time for me. Paid classes bring me much more progress, because it motivates me to continue.'