'I’m learning things I would’ve never learnt back home'

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Looking for a bachelor’s programme that would give him the best opportunities for a career in finance, Aaron Palaparthy stumbled across Hanze UAS. Having never been to Europe, he decided to take the plunge. A succesful one because Aaron is now in his third year of International Finance & Control.

'Being born and raised in Botswana, I always planned on studying in South Africa until my teacher recommended I should look at some European universities. In my research, the Hanze came up as one of the universities with a good international finance programme. During an online open day, I talked to a student who told me International Finance & Control gives you great opportunities for a career in finance in and even outside of Europe. After that, I knew I had to come here. I’d never been to Europe before, but so far my experience has been nothing but great.'

'International Finance & Control is a very complete programme. We learn not just about finance, but about pretty much everything business related. What really amazes me, is the connection between students and teachers. I feel like my teachers know me, want me to succeed and are willing to help me do that. They have treated us like future professionals since day one, giving us a lot of freedom and responsibilities, but helping us whenever we struggle with something.'

'Because this is an international programme, I’ve met people from all over the world. Not only is it very fun to meet people from all those different countries and cultures, but it has also made my social awareness a lot higher. I’m very grateful for those insights. I’m grateful for this entire experience, to be honest. I’m learning things I would never have learnt back home.'

'If you’re interested in finance and in business in the broadest sense of the word and have international ambitions, this is the programme for you. Personally, I’m hoping for a career in investment banking. I’d love to use my knowledge and experience to create value. I definitely think International Finance & Control is leading me down the right path to achieve that goal.'