‘So much is going on in the world now that makes International Law & Relations very important’

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Emmelie chose the International Law & Relations programme because she wanted to understand more about legal expertise in the global arena.

‘Global trade is significant and it’s not abnormal to communicate with international companies. The influence of international and European institutions on daily life is significant in today’s society. In addition, so much is going on in the world now that makes International Law & Relations very important. Just look at Russia and Ukraine, and Israel and Palestine. That’s what made this programme catch my attention. Moreover, I’m interested in the international environment and am debating whether I want to do something with that in the future. This programme gave me a little insight into it.

Field trip to Strasbourg
The best thing about the programme is the flexible schedule you have. We have two days of school, but the rest of the week you can organise as you see fit. Traveling and exploring the Netherlands/Europe is very easy if you’re from abroad. You get to know all kinds of people from different countries. Everyone has different customs and cultures, which makes studying very interesting. The next period, we have classes on human rights. That’s what I’m most looking forward to. Also included is a field trip to Strasbourg, which looks promising.

English skills: don’t worry
If you think ‘My English isn’t very good, and I’m never going to understand it anyway because of the language differences’, you’re not the only one. You often see students using translation apps when they don’t know a word. Mistakes happen to everyone and no one minds. You’ll soon find that if you keep talking, your English will improve quickly and you’ll become more confident in the language. Hanze UAS also gives you time at the beginning of the semester to get acquainted with the city, the school, and the other students. After one or two weeks, you’ll be completely familiar with your surroundings.

Hope to see you soon!’