Student Stories

Lots of students from all over the world have studied at Hanze UAS before you. Check out some of their stories to get inspired. Who knows, maybe you will be featured here yourself one day!

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  • Mihaela.jpg

    Mihaela Sugareva, Master Interdisciplinary Business Professional student from Bulgaria

    'With its young population and rich cultual life, Groningen has a lot to offer to international students!'

    Mihaela's story
  • boy studying

    Jordan Walsh, Creative Media and Game Technologies student from Ireland

    'Group work is a vital part of the programme'

    Jordan's story
  • Qey.jpg

    Qey Putri, International Business student from Indonesia

    'In this city, there are a lot of opportunities for students to create meaningful memories'

    Qey's story
  • Girl in the sun

    Stefani Penkova, International Communication student from Bulgaria

    'Doing projects for real clients has helped me to develop my professional career, while still being a student!'

    Stefani's story
  • Gabby Toscano.jpeg

    ​Gabriella Toscano, Sport Studies student from the United Kingdom

    ‘During my studies, I worked in an international team to create a sports event for disabled children’

    Gabriella's story
  • Robin.jpeg

    Robin Bos, Marketing Management student from Sweden

    'During my studies, I launched my own clothing brand'

    Robin's story
  • Octavian.jpeg

    Alexandra Codreanu, Master Interdisciplinary Business Professional student and Octavian Badea, Creative Media & Game Technologies student, both from Romania

    'Studying at Hanze UAS stimulated us to combine our creative talents to become succesful entrepreneurs'

    Alexandra & Octavian's story
  • Girl on terrace

    ​Sandra Dundure, Master Interdisciplinary Business Professional student from Latvia

    'Volunteering definitely helps to boost your professional skills!'

    Sandra's story
  • girl black and white

    ​Vida Kasaei, Design graduate from Iran

    'During my studies, I explored new ways of boosting my artistic competences'

    Vida's story
  • GabrielaPenkova_photo.png

    Gabriela Penkova, third year Graphic Design student from Bulgaria

    ‘The applied education at Hanze UAS enabled me to gain insights into the job market and get prepared for my professional life’

    Gabriela's story
  • Hanze International - 27-06-2023 - 9368.jpg

    Gonzalo Fuentes, International Communication student from Peru

    'We gain hands-on skills and present for real clients'

    Gonzalo's story
  • Val 3.jpg

    Valeria Petrova, Creative Media & Game Technologies student from Bulgaria

    'It is amazing to meet people from different backgrounds, to get to know their cultures and to learn from them'

    Valeria's story
  • Ralitsa 2.jpg

    Ralitsa Mladenova, International Communication student from Bulgaria

    'With every day I am getting more prepared for the professional world!'

    Ralitsa's story
  • Dasha 2.jpg

    Daria Gurau, Creative Media and Game Technologies student from Romania

    'We developed a game aimed at raising awareness of plastic waste'

    Daria's story
  • Yana 2.jpg

    Ianna Brinza, Marketing Management student from Moldova

    'I feel that studying in the Netherlands was the best choice I could have made!'

    Ianna's story