​​​​​​​​Master of Music

Are you a professional musician with a goal? Do you have a specific vision on your future? The Master of Music at the Prince Claus Conservatoire could be the suitable study to achieve your personal goals. We are a professional learning community challenging talented musicians to develop into competent and socially involved professionals. As creative makers, they are able to develop innovative concepts and transform them into artistic, meaningful musical products and services. This is how our learning community connects with, and enriches people and society. The Master of Music educates engaged, first class musicians with different cultural and musical backgrounds. Our aim is to help you develop and share your talent, and to move the world together!​


New Audiences and Innovative Practice

What does it look like to be a professional musician in today's multi-faceted world? There are as many ways to be a modern musician as there are ways in which music is a part of the society in which we live. How do we define our individual artistry? How do we find and connect with our audience? How do we create a professional practice in music that can constantly reflect on and adapt to the society in which it happens? The New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP) study will equip students to answer these questions.

NAIP is for students from all musical backgrounds, and with all musical goals. Through taking part in interdisciplinary art making, through exploring technological possibilities, through engaging with society and making site specific art, you will develop the necessary skills to become a creative and flexible all-round musician, able to create with, and in response to any context. 

NAIP is the first joint European Master in the musical field, with the curriculum being designed with input from five conservatoires and seven external professional and educational institutions in four European countries

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Testimonial video of master students NAIP Setareh Nafisi and Nicholas Robinson.

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Study Programme

Study Programme

Your study evolves around developing a Professional Integration Project (PIP). This project can be designed in any way depending on your own interests, ambitions and qualities and will eventually lead to finalising your Master. To prepare your PIP you follow some mandatory modules such as Performance & Communication, Leading & Guiding, Project Management & Entrepreneurship and Practice-based Research. In addition to the mandatory modules there is a variety of optional modules which you can choose within the frame of Open Credits. It is also important to bring in your own projects in order to shape your individual pathway. You will have the opportunity to participate in joint intensive projects we organise together with our international NAIP partners.

Students in this master's programme are all educated as musicians or vocalists. During your NAIP studies you work towards developing your instrumental competences further. You receive instrumental or vocal lessons from PCC teachers and renowned guest teachers from all over the world. You will also work on your improvisation skills in the LAB and Creative Ensemble. You can use these skills on stage but also in interdisciplinary collaborations and the field of education.

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Main Subjects

We offer all instruments for students with a classical or jazz background. NAIP is also for students with a background in conducting or composition.

Practice-based Research

Practice-based Research

You carry out practice-based research in order to become a better musician. The research is directly related to your personal study plan. Your research is linked to individual, content based and methodological coaching. Your research eventually leads to a presentation which is directly linked to your musical practice.



An entrepreneurial attitude is essential to transfer your musical passion to social situations successfully. In the Master of Music you are guided by modules and consults taught by experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Your vision on your personal future is the key here. 

Open Credits

Open Credits

Within the frame of Open Credits you can choose optional modules offered by the conservatoire. It is also important to bring in your own projects to profile your personal pathway.

A small selection:

- Music in Business
- Musician as an Actor
- Music & Health
- Advanced Group Dynamics


Partner Institutes / Exchange

Within the NAIP master's programme you have the opportunity to study abroad for a period of time. You can choose for an exchange semester in one of the NAIP partner institutes or an institution of your choice. ERASMUS+ offers scholarships to students who want to study abroad. The Prince Claus Conservatoire has agreements with various institutes throughout the world.



The application deadlines is April 1st
For application requirements click here.

More information


Please contact Mrs.Tine Stolte for more information about the New Audiences and Innovative Practice master's programme. You could also check the international NAIP website.

After Graduating

After Graduating

After graduating you are an innovative master of music who is able to perform, create music and lead and organise music projects at a high level. You have learned to cooperate with professionals from other art disciplines and sectors in creative collaborative projects and performances, in various contexts and places within society. Check our alumni page for stories of NAIP graduates. 


​Year 1 & 2

  • Leading & Guiding
  • Performance & Communication
  • Practice-based Research
  • Project Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Instrumental tuition
  • Professional Integration Project
  • Creative ensemble
  • Improvisation ensemble
  • LAB
  • Mentoring
  • Electives/Open credits

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