Coming to Groningen, Pick-up service, ISIC Mobility Card

What is the best way to reach Groningen? And once you´re here, how to get to our campus? Answers to this, information about our Pick-up service and a great offer for a mobility card for international students can be found below. 

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Public transport card with discount for international students

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and ISIC have arranged a special public transport card with discount for international students.

In the Netherlands you need an OV-chipkaart (OV-chipcard) to travel around with the train, bus, metro and tram. There are two possibilities: an anonymous card without any discount or a personal card, where you need a Dutch debit card. Both options are not ideal for international students. That is why ISIC (International Student Identity Card) created the  ISIC Mobility Card, a custom-made mobility card for international students. Reserve the ISIC Mobility Card prior to your arrival in Groningen.

Basic card or additional services

Buy the basic card for €15,- (including the ISIC Mobility Card) and sign-up (optional) for services and discount created for international students for a monthly fee of €4,50 and get:

  • 15% discount during off-peak hours on national railway (NS).
  • Arriva / Q-Buzz discount card for 12 months. This discount will be offered to you by the OV-bureau and Arriva:
    40% discount during off-peak hours on all Arriva buses in Friesland, all Qbuzz buses in Groningen and Drenthe and all Arriva trains in Groningen and Friesland (with the exception of the Arriva trains from Emmen). Off peak hours are: buses before 7.00 am and after 9.00 am, Arriva trains before 6.30 am and 9.00 am. During the weekend and national holidays there are no off peak hours.
  • A digital ISIC Mobility Card, with discounts in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.
  • Customized application process for international students.
  • Automatic top-up option (no more topping up of balance).
  • Travel data, customer service etc in ISIC mobility app.
  • Access to shared bikes.

You need to sign-up for your card here, which includes the public transport card + the digital ISIC card. 

Order the ISIC Mobility Card here

Your first train ticket in the Netherlands

What to do when you arrive at Schiphol? Unfortunately you don't have your ISIC Mobility Card yet, that is why ISIC offers you your first train ticket with a discount. With this ISIC ticket you can get on board at any station in the Netherlands and decide which station you want to go to. ISIC members or holders of an ISIC Mobility Card can order the following tickets:

  • Train ticket during off-peak hours for €11 (normal price €26,50) = depart after 9 am on weekdays and the entire weekend.

Get the one-way tickets here!

Finding your way to Groningen and Hanze UAS without the ISIC Mobility Card and more...

It is easy to find your way by public transport from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Groningen. 

From Schiphol or Eindhoven Airport to Groningen

You can buy a ticket at the NS ticket desk, or at one of the yellow ticket machines at the trainstation. When you have bought your ticket, check the electronic signs showing the departure time and platform for the train to Groningen Central Station (CS). We advise you to take the direct train to Groningen CS so you do not have to carry your luggage from one train to another. The journey will take 2-3 hours.

From Groningen CS to Hanze UAS (Zernike Campus)

Once you have arrived at Groningen CS station, you can take a taxi to your accommodation. The taxis are waiting outside the train station. Here you will also find the buses. Please ask one of the bus drivers which bus you have to take to your accommodation.

By bus
You can take line 11 or 15 to Zernike Campus. Click here for the time table.

By car
You can find your route description to Hanze UAS here. 


Pick-up service

If you are uncertain about finding your way to your room in Groningen, you can apply for the Hanze Pick-up service. One of our students will pick you up from Schiphol Airport or Groningen CS and will take you to your room in Groningen. You have to apply one week in advance for this service via the button below. The service is free of charge, you only pay for your own transportation tickets (train and bus).

Pick-Up Service Apply Now

Please note: if you arrive earlier than 9 am or after 9 pm, we are not able to pick you up before 9 am or earlier than the next morning at 9 am.


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