​​​​​​​Are you planning to study at Hanze University of Applied Sciences? Great! We hope you will have a wonderful time in Groningen. Speaking of which: if you want to live in Groningen, you should start looking for a room as soon as possible! Even during the corona pandemic this is highly recommended.

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In the Netherlands universities do not provide the student accomodation. We do reserve accommodation with housing providers (see 'SSH' at the 'Suggestions' section on this page), but the number of rooms is limited. Please take this very seriously and start searching for a room in a big advance! 

You can make use of reserved accommodation until the first of september. Are you arriving in Groningen later than the first of September? Please be aware that there is still reserved accommodation available in Groningen, but this changes every day. See below for sugggestions if you're comming later and haven't made a reservation yet. Arranging accommodation during the academic year proves to be far more difficult than at the beginning. We recommend you to make a reservation as soon as possible to make sure you have a place to stay, even when planning to arrive in October or later. Please let us know if your arrival is delayed. 

Of course, we are here for you to support and help with advice. Please play the video and check our list of Suggestions in the section below. If you have any more questions about housing or are experiencing problems with finding accommodation, you can contact our Housing Manager by email at: housing@org.hanze.nl 

Important COVID-19 information for incoming Bachelor and Master students

Are you looking for information regarding the start of your studies? Please go to hanze.nl/readytostart. You can read up about the current situation in the Netherlands on the website of the Dutch Government or visit our FAQ about the measures Hanze  UAS is taking in regards to the coronavirus.

Covid-19 advise for new international students

At the moment many international students are still excitedly planning their stay in The Netherlands for next academic year. We are happy to receive them in our residences soon, albeit with a slightly different, but still very warm, welcome.

Measures taken in the Netherlands
Since the rules implemented to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus differ significantly per country, we strongly advise our new international residents to familiarize themselves with the rules in place in the Netherlands. Our governement has summarized these rules on this page. It is advised to already look into this before the arrival in the Netherlands, since some measures impact public spaces which the student will encounter on their way to the SSH residence (e.g. public transport).

Measures concerning self-quarantine
In addition to the general COVID-19 rules, some students are advised to self-quarantine for 10 days after their arrival in the Netherlands. More information on the countries this applies to and the measures that need to be taken can be found on this governement website. The SSH expects that those who are required to self-quarantine will also adhere to this advice. That way they will not jeopardize the safety of their fellow housemates as well as the SSH staff that might be present in the building shortly after their arrival.

Self quarantine and your accomodation
Please keep in mind that not all our accommodations are suitable for self-quarantine. It is the student's responsibility to judge wether or not their rented SSH accommodation is suitable for self-quarantine and make arangements if that is advised in their situation. This can mean that an alternative accommodation has to be arranged by the student for the first 14 days of their stay in The Netherlands. As a landlord, we cannot facilitate any aspect of the self-quarantine (e.g. groceries, cleaning, meals etc.). Many local supermarkets offer delivery services for groceries and local restaurants are continuing their food delivery services as well which might be beneficial in a self-quarantine period.

A general overview and FAQ on the COVID-19 measures in the Netherlands can be found on this website

Do you want to have questions for the housing team that you want to discuss physically?

Please make an appointment to avoid too many people in the International Office. You can send an email to housing@org.hanze.nl for the date of your preference. 



Tips for finding accommodation

Tip #1: Start looking in advance

Groningen is a popular university city and the demand for student housing is very high. We advise you to start looking for housing as soon as possible: 3 to 5 months before you come to Groningen.

Tip #2: Use your network
Use your network to find accomodation. Friends, social media, online platforms. Get in touch with students who already live in Groningen. Contact agencies for rooms on the private market. Let everyone know you're looking for housing in Groningen. Also see Tip #6

Tip #3: Don't be too picky 
Of course you want a large room with private bathroom and kitchen five minutes by bike from Hanze UAS, preferably for around €200.- a month. But unfortunately this is not likely to happen. Our advice: don't be too picky when it comes to the facilities and the pricing. The average room in Groningen has a rental price of €414,- per month.

Tip #4: Arrive early 
If possible arrive early in Groningen so you can personally contact agencies and attend group viewings. Dutch students organize group viewings when a room becomes available in their home. That way they can meet everyone in person and choose a new roommate. 

Tip #5: Be persistent 
Don't give up too soon. It might take months to find a room, but you will find it'll be well worth living in Groningen. 

Tip #6 Use your common sense
If you try to find housing on your own, please make sure to do this through official websites or companies that you can trace. Beware of fraudulent practices and scammers. Avoid identity theft: never send a copy of your passport to strangers. Do not send money without receiving a contract/lease. Do not transfer money, especially if the bank account is outside the Netherlands. If you are using social media to find housing, check the social media profile for any signs of the account being fake. When in doubt, contact our housing officer at housing@org.hanze.nl

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