Instrumental Composition

  • Subject or theme

During the first two years of your study, you are asked to write compositions in various  contemporary styles for different line-ups. You learn how to work with twelve-tone serialism, rhythmic structures, modality, tonality, chance music, sound fields, minimal music and electronic music.

You will also learn how to properly write for different instruments of a symphonic orchestra. In the composition lessons different topics will come up, such as aesthetics, other art forms, non-western music, the work field, copyright, acquisition, etc. There are regular guest lessons by composers and performers.

In the third and fourth year you will decide what you want to compose and you can discuss your development with your teacher(s). You will now also write for bigger line-ups and maybe even for an orchestra.

After four years you have developed yourself into an independent composer at bachelor level. You are able to compose for all kinds of line-ups and for multiple purposes. 

Fields of interest

  • Arts and Culture