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A producer is engaged in transitions in music, which are also called transformations. They make sure that a demo becomes a completed track, that tracks are being transformed into a great live performance or that a live performance will end up as a great track. Technology plays an important role in this and the produces should be in control of that technology in order to give directions to the technician.

In the first two years we work on the development of the technical side of the productional field, although the main focus is on the musical side. Music is the goal, technology the means. An important aspect of a producer's work is working together with others during the production process. The producer has the central role. At the same time the role of the producer can also be creative and he/she could be (one of) the songwriters. That is why during the study much attention is paid to working together with others and to developing your own sound and artistic personality. 

Further on you focus more on developing your own personality as a producer and you will be able to operate in many different styles.

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