Starting in February

Master DSLS 2022 5.jpg

Students can enter the master in February, but there are additional conditions, since you will join an existing cohort and have to catch up soon.

Students can only enter in February if they meet the following conditions:

  • At least one year experience in research at master level in the field of life science

  • Passing the preparatory tests programming 0 and data science 0

Students will join the cohort that started in September of the same study year. The admission committee will determine if the candidate can be exempted for Programming 1 and or Data Science 1, otherwise the student needs to pass the subject Programming 1 and or Data Science 1 by self-study. The experience in research shall be considered a base to exempt the Omics Project 1.

If you wish to know more about starting in February, you can contact the Admission Committee ([email protected]).