Knowledge Based Skills


The Body of Knowledge and Skills (BOKS) is the theoretical foundation of the programme and serves as a starting point to dive deeper into certain topics. This also depends on the research assignment of the student, as this will originate from practice in cooperation with our professorships.

Your knowledge development is enhanced by the six themes and accompanying topics, that encompass the core disciplines of the master’s programme:

  • Sustainability: e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development Goals
  • Technology-driven Society: e.g. Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Business Value
  • Society in Transition: e.g. Transition Management, Behavioural Economics
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: e.g. Blue Ocean, Strategy, Lean Start-Up
  • Professional Skills Development & Ethics: e.g. Systems Thinking, In the Boardroom
  • Applied Research: e.g. Research Philosophy, Empirical Cycle, Academic Writing

Fields of interest

  • Business and Economics