The third and last semester you will apply your knowledge and skills in a research project at a company or a research centre. Based on this research you will write your thesis under the supervision of (a core professor), (a professor of the specialisation and) a professor from the project provider.

You will work on a six-month research project within your chosen domain, which will result in a master thesis. A few examples of master projects from other students: 

  • Accurate in door position tracking using sensor data fusion techniques under a simulated nursing house environment (UMCG) 

  • Development of a comfortable, wearable respiratory gas measuring device, to assess strain on the body during physical activity. 

  • Modelling of contact lens surface quality when developing new production technique method by means of digital twinning (Demcon) 

  • Development of an intelligent mould for the production of passenger tires using different sensor techniques (Apollo Tyres)  

  • Development of a model for optimal energy usage of a solar car system for maximal driving capacity within a changing environment.