'For me the most important aspect to choose this master is the applied side of it'

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Having already completed a master's degree in Canada and working for 10 years as an assistant professor in Electrical Engineering at his home country Bangladesh, Nath Shantanu felt he was ready for a next step. Back home at his work he was doing research about smart cities and that is how he ended up at Smart System Engineering.

'At the University where I worked, we did a lot of research into energy and how to make cities more energy efficient due to smart sensors. I'm already interested a lot in energy. At the moment we waste a lot of energy in cities and when I came across this master it looked like a really good fit for my needs. Energy is a important topic and I want to contribute to a more sustainable and energy efficient society.'

 'I have also thought about doing a PhD, I actually got an offer in New Mexico, but at that moment I was looking for an applied master and doing research and designing solutions for real life problems and not only sticking to research.'

'At the moment I'm writing my thesis at Sencilia. I'm doing research for a flow sensor they developed. This sensor tracks if there are any anomalies in the flow rates of the intravenous fluid. These sensors can really make a difference in healthcare, this is one of the things I appreciate about the applied side of this master.'

'During this master I learnt a lot. One of the most important things is Python. It’s a great tool to use for designing things such as smart flow sensors and smart cities. A lot of programming and designing in the workfield is done via Python, so it's very useful that we learn on the job during the master. Another important skill I learned is to do research in an organized and really structured way.'

'Most of the professors we had during this master are very involved. Whenever we have a problem, they are eager to solve it. Working with lecturers is one of the things I really liked, because they also have a lot of knowledge about all the different topics.'

'If I need to give any advice to future SSE students, make the most of your studies by taking reports very seriously and do as much research as possible. That's how you end up learning the most.'