Architectural Design

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Architectural Design

Start: September
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Are you interested in getting a glimpse into a career where creativity, technical and sociological knowledge, critical thinking and design skills converge? The minor Architectural Design is an attractive and challenging programme for students with research and design skills and an interest in the built environment around us.

The minor will give you an insight into solving problems within the various domains of the built environment in a creative manner. You will train research skills and critical thinking to approach complex societal questions and you will develop a design mind-set, which is characterized by simultaneously analysing situations and creating solutions. The minor AD is solution focused and action orientated towards creating a preferred and better future. The diverse program draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, technical possibilities and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be. You will also develop the ability to visualize concepts as well as give advice on the various parties involved in a building process.

The minor AD has a flexible structure where you can develop according to your own interests, fascinations and previous knowledge and take the first steps into the role of an architectural designer.


For more information about the subjects see the ECTS Course Catalogue

Study Programme

This programme is part of the Hanze UAS Groningen Built Environment bachelor's programme in collaboration with the masters programme of Architecture.

Before you can start

Available to

• students following the Built Environment programme at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (minor enrolment via Osiris);
• Hanze UAS Groningen students with Design Skills and Research Skills included in their curriculum* (minor enrolment via Osiris);
• Students from our partner institutions abroad. You can apply once your university has officially nominated you. For more information visit
* This minor is also suitable for ambitious and motivated Hanze UAS students from other study programmes than Built Environment. These students, however, must have Design and Research Skills included in their study programme. 

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Fields of interest

  • Exact and Information Sciences
  • Science and Engineering