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Start: February
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Does a career at the cutting edge of science appeal to you? Would you like to broaden your experience in a diverse range of Biotechnology and laboratory techniques? Here's your chance! The minor Biotechnology gives you insight into a quickly evolving research area, which offers many chances for innovative research.

About this minor

The programme Biotechnology is part of the bachelor programme Biology and Medical Research, and will focus on the quickly evolving research area biotechnology. This practice-based programme will cover topics such as microbial production, renewable energy and specific growth conditions in more detail.

Besides the theoretical modules, there is a strong emphasis on the practical execution of a research project during the laboratory courses. During these laboratory courses the students work as independent couples on designated research projects, that are usually part of ongoing research done at the knowledge institutes of Hanze University of Applied Sciences. For instance, in the past students have worked on the production of bioplastics, biogas production and the influence of growth of plants with different light wavelengths. 

Title ECTS Credits Course code
Molecular Biotechnology 3 BCVH18MOLBIO
Bioprocess Engineering 3 BCVH18BIOPROCESS
Laboratory Course 8 BOVH22RLABBT11
Dutch Language and Culture/Intercultural Team Building 1 BOVH22RIAC1
Advanced Analysis of Biomolecules & Medicinal Chemistry 5 BOVH22RADVBIOMOL
Biotechnology of Plants 3 BCVH19BIOPLANTS
Laboratory Course 7 BOVH22RLABBT12

What will you learn

  • Applying knowledge about biotechnology towards a real-life research project
  • Experience in practical research in the field of biotechnology
  • Project management
  • Working together with students from different backgrounds

Before you can start

This exchange programme is open to students who have completed two or three years of a bachelor's programme in the field of (molecular) Biology, Biotechnology or Biochemistry. We also require a CEFR level of B2 or higher.

For questions about the content of this exchange programme, please contact the coordinator via the 'Contact & FAQ' tab above.

Admission & application

Are you a student at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences? The minor is accessible for students from the Biology and Medical Laboratory Research programme who have aquired 60 EC from the propaedeutic phase and 48 EC from the main phase. You can sign up via Osiris, up to 4 weeks before the start of the minor.

Third year students from a program in (medical) biology from another university or university of applied sciences can apply for this minor via the website Kies op Maat: www.kiesopmaat.nl.

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Fields of interest

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