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Digital Marketing

Start: February
  • Business and Economics
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Interesting title? Good! You might be our perfect match! So, what would make you that perfect match? In case you are wondering whether you need any marketing knowledge or experience? Nope! Just a solid ambition to take a deep dive into our favourite subject in the world and willingness to learn, work, play, and perform in an international setting. If you can bring this to the table, we are sure our 30 credits programme is suitable for you.

About this minor

We are sure we do not need to explain that digital marketing is not a trend. Digital Marketing is a crucial element for all modern-day businesses. Whether it is your bakery around the corner who can be found via Google Maps or a massive company, like IKEA, who offer you virtual reality applications for home decoration.

One of the most renowned marketing platforms in the world, Hubspot, creates a yearly list of marketing trends. The trends for 2022? Eight out of twelve trends can be directly related to digital marketing. Do we still need to convince you of the importance of digital marketing? The business world is looking for people like you without you even realizing this.

Digital marketing is already integrated into our everyday lives without consumers objectively noticing it. Many companies struggle with keeping up with the possibilities the digital environment offers their business. Why is there still no digital showroom where I can walk around to see the cars a dealer is currently offering? Why does the webshop where I want to buy a pair of exclusive sneakers only offer payment through credit card? Why do I still need to have my phone on desktop mode to get Blackboard working properly? As previously mentioned, companies continuously struggle with all digital possibilities out there. You will learn how to open the world of possibilities to them by constructively analyzing possibilities and presenting them with the most applicable digital solutions for their company.

Will you know all the ins and outs after this 30 credits minor? Of course not! You could spend a lifetime studying digital marketing and still would not be a specialist in all digital marketing facets. What we do offer is a solid basis of digital marketing knowledge, and even more importantly, how you can use this knowledge in a company setting and apply it to your own field of expertise.

Our experienced teachers will teach you everything they know ranging from creating a digital customer journey, to digital advertising workshops and getting a basic knowledge of user experience. Eventually, you put all this knowledge into practice for a real company. In return, we also expect to learn from you! You have obtained heaps of knowledge during your study in your field of expertise which could be of immense value in a digital marketing setting.

See you soon!

This minor is a 30-credit program. We have four courses and one overarching project.

  • Basics of marketing – 5 credits
  • Digital marketing – 5 credits
  • Business goals, data, and attribution – 5 credits
  • 21st-century customer experience – 5 credits
  • Integrated project assignment – 10 credits

All these courses are spread across the two blocks.

Before you can start

Third-year students from Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Only exemption who CANNOT join are students from either 'Commerciële Economie' or 'Marketing Management'

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Fields of interest

  • Business and Economics
  • Language and Communication