Improve your English proficiency and cultural understanding of the English-speaking world

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English History, Language and Culture

Start: September, February
  • Language and Communication
  • Behaviour and Society

Would you like to delve deeper into the history, geography, and culture of the British Commonwealth? Are you looking to improve your English skills in all areas - listening, reading, speaking, and writing? This minor will enable you to improve your English across the board and broaden your understanding of the English-speaking world.

About this minor

For aspiring international careers, effective communication in English, the global 'lingua franca', is essential. This minor focuses on English proficiency and understanding cultural backgrounds, crucial for anticipating international expectations, as cultural traits are deeply rooted in historical events shaping societies across ages.

The first part of the minor is focused on the histories of the various parts of the English-speaking world (UK, USA and Canada, India and the Far East, Sub-Sahara Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Middle East, the Falklands and Gibraltar) as well as their cultures and basic geographies. You will learn to investigate and research historical topics and how to give effective and interesting presentations. Using this knowledge and these skills you can research background information with current publications from quality English publications and recognize bias.

During the second part of the minor the focus is on written English and Cross Cultural Management: You can identify the cultural similarities and differences between the various areas. You will learn how to conduct meaningful and grammatically correct correspondence in correct English making use of the tools that are available. You can write a report in grammatically correct English at pre-academic level about an issue that may be relevant to your field of study, using various English sources. The report is concluded with a pitch.

Before you can start

This minor is open to all students of Hanze UAS and students of Kies Op Maat-universities. You should have an English language proficiency of level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Hanze students can register via Osiris. You can find more information under the Contact & FAQ tab.

Are you studying at another university of applied sciences and do you want to apply for this minor? Then register via the website Kies op Maat.

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Fields of interest

  • Behaviour and Society
  • Language and Communication