European Business

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European Business

Start: September, February
  • Language and Communication
  • Business and Economics
  • Behaviour and Society

Our world is changing rapidly. Global environmental, health and food insecurity issues present us with major challenges. These challenges and transformations demand agile entrepreneurship and European engagement. In this minor, you will increase your understanding of how we live, work and interact cross-culturally within Europe, how the European institutes function, and what business model transformations our companies must undergo.


  • Credits: 30
  • Language: English 
  • Location: Groningen
  • Startdate: Semester 1 and 2

About this minor

We live in an era in which the world requires transnational policy solutions and seeks socially responsible citizens and business actors who aim for international collaboration and system-innovations.

The European Business minor is recognizing these major challenges and transformations and aims to install a purpose-led, entrepreneurial perspective among students on how our businesses can effectively adapt to change, capitalize on key European transitions such as the European 'Green deal' and digitalisation, and manage to create socially responsible impact.

In tandem with these transformations, also professional competencies and skills see a transitioning from a mainly business-centric to an increasingly more stakeholder-led and inclusive view, which requires future business professionals to build and practice their communication and critical thinking skills and connective capacities. 

Gaining an in-depth understanding of the European business environment

The International Business School's mission is to prepare business professionals with a global mind-set, who are ready to add value to international business and society. 

The European Business minor brings together students from diverse backgrounds, including exchange students from IBS' international partner universities. In an integrated and multi-disciplinary manner, students are invited to increase their understanding of how we live, work and interact cross-culturally within Europe, how the European institutes function, and what business model transformations our companies must undergo, also zooming in from the macro perspective to a more micro individual entrepreneurial level, being creative and process driven, all with the aim to:

  • Further insights into the impact of the EU-Treaty and EU-Institutions, the Free Movement of Services, People, Goods and Money and the Euro on business life in the EU,
  • Be able to identify and employ methods of actual implementation of the concepts of Purpose Economy and Sustainability in nowadays European business life,
  • Acquire a holistic view on strategic business planning within the socio-economic and cultural environment of the European Union,
  • Be able to make use of innovation tools which are iterative agile processes for approaching design and innovation that centres on users' desires and needs, and enables on a micro level  to pivot as the industry changes and technology evolves.

Areas covered

  • European Business Environment and Cultures
  • Purpose Economy and Sustainability
  • European Area study and integrated European Business planning
  • Agile Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management Processes, and Communication  
  • Applied Research and Reporting

Before you can start


The European Business minor is open to exchange students and students currently enrolled at Hanze UAS. The subjects in the minor are offered at an advanced level and require previous knowledge of the corresponding subject area.

Course outline: ECTS Course Catalogue


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Fields of interest

  • Behaviour and Society
  • Business and Economics
  • Language and Communication