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Start: September, February
  • Language and Communication

During your semester in Medialism, you will develop and produce a short film for an external client. Through the use of video, audio and text, you will solve a communication issue for the client.

About this minor

You and your fellow classmates will form a production company that will be responsible for the creation of a fantastic film or documentary. You have control over everything, from storytelling to editing, providing a hands-on experience. During the project all facets of being a production company will be covered.  


This assignment will be supported by workshops, (theory) lectures and guest lectures, all running parallel to your work for the project. At the end of the semester, you will present your film to your coaches, family, friends and special guests who contributed to your project during a special premiere night at the Forum in Groningen.

What sets this minor apart?

You have full control, from crafting the narrative to the final editing, providing you with a truly hands-on filmmaking adventure. This minor covers every aspect of the filmmaking process – from coming up with ideas, planning, and writing scripts to casting, interviewing, filming, editing, and even promoting and presenting your work. 

To bring it all together, you will present your film during an unforgettable premiere night at the Forum in Groningen. Your audience will include not only your coaches, family, and friends but also special guests who played a part in bringing your film to life.

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Before you can start

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  • Language and Communication