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Student Challenges


We see more and more student initiatives and larger student projects at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Within those projects students are challenged to perform at a high level. They have to be creative, disciplined and driven. In most cases the projects lead towards national or international student contests. Some of these initiatives are Hanze Racing Division (HARD), Top Dutch Solar Racing, De Zonneboot and the Mobility Challenge.


  • Credits: 30
  • Language: English 
  • Location: Groningen
  • Startdate: AS and SS

About this minor

At the start of the minor you choose a subject and (technical) direction in which you want to deepen and/or broaden your knowledge. This can, for example, be in the field of management, communication, engineering or nutrition and dietetics. You then write a plan of action in which you detail a specific (research) assignment focused on the chosen subject and link learning objectives to it. Based on the assignment and the learning objectives, you and the teachers/coaches will determine the knowledge and skills needed to carry out the assignment and achieve the learning objectives. You might get the necessary knowledge and skills by following relevant courses at Hanze UAS. These courses then are a part of the minor and therefore need to be mentioned in the plan of action. The product you deliver at the end of the minor, as a result of your assignment, must add value to chosen interdisciplinairy student initiative and must be given to the organisation of your chosen initiative.

Before you can start

  • Students of Hanze UAS and other universities are welcome. Admission to the minor can be determined by job interviews.
  • Student is or needs to become a member of an interdisciplinairy student initiative to join this minor.
  • Students need to have completed a minimum of 100 ECTS credits.
  • A maximum of 15 students can take part in this minor.
  • The student has to submit the proposal of his/her own study programme in order to get approval for this minor.

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