Study association IBS-U

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Are you ready to add some flair to your student journey? Look no further than IBS-U! The International Business School Union is the official study association of IBS at Hanze. Get ready to mingle with fellow students, broaden your connections, and dive headfirst into the business realm. In addition to your regular studies, IBS-U serves up a variety of both business and non-business activities.

Picture this: an epic Charity Ball that lets you dance for a good cause, and a ski trip that promises breathtaking views of the Alps, skiing adventures, and memories that'll last a lifetime. And did we mention our monthly borrels (drinks)? Perfect for letting loose, making friends, and soaking in the good vibes. And speaking of events, join us on travel adventures, social events, and sports showdowns throughout the year.

Network opportunities

IBS-U isn't just about fun and games; we're here to boost your professional game too. Brace yourself for guest lectures, company escapades, and workshops that'll amp up your network. We prepare business-related workshops and symposiums for study abroad and internships, a great opportunity to learn and connect for future purposes, also related to your study.

By becoming an active member, you get to take part in a committee where you can develop your social and organisational competencies through organising events of high relevance to IBS.

Learn more

Curious to know more? Have a look at and catch the behind-the-scenes action on Instagram @ibsu_official. Questions? Hit us up at [email protected] – we're here to make your student adventure the best it can be!