Study Association GLITCH


Study Association GLiTCH is an international association made for Game Development, Visual Design and Interaction Design students. GLiTCH is aimed for those who enjoy playing games, having fun together and learning from each other.

As GLiTCH and as students, we are always looking to host different types of events so that everyone has something to do, be it fun events (ex. Paintball, Parties, and more), workshops (ex. How to use Unreal Engine), or travelling abroad together to conferences (for example, Gamescom) or other countries for vacation.

We also want to make sure you get the opportunity to meet developers from all over the country, both big and small, so that you can have an insider view of what it's like to be in the industry. And if you ever need help on how to go about Groningen Life as an international, or just want to talk, we have a very nice and comfy gamer office at ZP11 C2.10 (Van Doorenveste).

All this is offered at a very low price of €9.99 for an entire year! So make sure to hit that join link and subscribe to our association. We hope to see you soon with us having fun and making memories! 

Phone: 050-5952540
E-mail: [email protected]