Are you adventurous, curious, do you have a good command of English and do you love to organise? Then International Facility Management is the programme for you!

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Every person needs a pleasant, safe and well equipped environment to live, work and to relax in. At home you can create your own living environment, perfectly catered to your own needs. Most people however spend a great deal of their time in public places or buildings where there are other people about: at work, at school, or at the local sports club. It's a facility management professionals job to organise good facilities in such places.

Yeni, Pieter, Tia, Merle and Riemer tell you about their jobs as facility management professionals. They all studied International Facility Management at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (UAS). 


Providing services is all about people. It is a proven fact that people function better in a pleasant environment, whether at work or in their spare time. Facility managers are responsible for creating this pleasant atmosphere in a building (such as a school or office building) or an event (such as a concert).

Creating a pleasant working environment can be realised on various levels, which include:

  • The facility manager as a member of the board who, by virtue of his/her profession, takes part in deciding on the purchase, renovation and use of buildings
  • The facility manager as an advisor who makes recommendations about the design of office spaces (e.g. sustainable new initiatives in housing)
  • The facility manager as an organiser who designs, implements and monitors facility processes​
  • The facility manager as a purchaser of necessary products and services at good prices and oversees the desired quality.

​Facility managers are requested almost anywhere people work in an organisational environment such as in office buildings, business parks or locations where guests reside such as hospitals, schools and banks. Facility managers are always active at conference centres, hotels, recreation parks and large events.


IFM is​​​ international

IFM prepares students for careers both in the Netherlands and abroad. In our student population different nationalities are represented. Students are expected to master written and spoken English. Throughout the programme students give presentations and write reports in English. Teaching is supported by guest lectures and seminars are given by experts specialised in the field of facility management.

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International Facility Management

The first year focusses on providing a thorough grounding in the area of international facility management. After that, there are various options for determining your personal course of study.

Theme based programme

The International Facility Management curriculum consists of four years, each of which is composed of four blocks. Every block takes ten weeks and deals with one specific theme. Theory is assessed by exams but also practically tested by means of projects and assignments carried out both alone and in groups of international students. These are tailor-made to fit the theme of the particular block concerned.

The International Facility block overview can be found here.

First year

The first year is an introduction to International Facility Management. You will gain insight into how to develop a sustainable and innovative work environment. Furthermore, you learn how facility management professionals analyse the effectiveness, efficiency and service level of a facility from an organisational perspective. You also learn to manage and structure services, from a customer-oriented perspective.

Full course outlines can be found on this page.

Second year

In the second year you will elaborate on first year topics like housing and services. You gain knowledge and skills with regards to products as well as policy planning for long term housing. You will be shown new and undeveloped parts of the profession. Drafting plans for quality improvement, in terms of the facility performance of service providers, wil lbe focused on. In the second year you also go on a five-month internship.

Full course outlines can be found on this page.

Third year

In the third year you have the opportunity to study abroad (to do a minor) at one of the partner universities around the world, in countries like the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau or somewhere in Europe. You gain knowledge and skills with regards to purchasing services.

Full course outlines can be found on this page.

Fourth year 

During the first semester of the fourth year you dive deeper into strategic and change management with an emphasis on the demand and supply chain. Your final project is a graduation research assignment for a facility management related company from an international perspective. You will act as a junior consultant.

Full course outlines can be found on this page.

Career prospects 

Facility managers can fulfil various executive positions, for example: Head of Facility Organisation, Hospitality Manager, New Development Project Manager, Relocation Coordinator, Catering Manager, Events Project Manager, Head of Safety and Security and Purchase Manager. There are plenty of job opportunities for facility management graduates all over the world. An extra possibility is that IFM students have the possibility to do a Master's degree in one year. ​

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