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Only available for students of SCMI and exchange students of our partner universities. 

You have to pre-register to participate in this minor. Places for minors that have pre-registration with a waiting list are awarded based on a draw. Pay attention to the deadlines of the draw. Read more about the deadlines on the page Deadlines pre-registration minors.

In this program we want you to function as a journalist; therefore, we expect you to be searching for news and stories at all times. You have to know what your target group finds attractive and important. You should not be shy; you regularly will be in touch with persons and/ or organizations and confront them with your (critical) questions. You will have to dig up information through research. In the end the information has to be processed into an attractive format and you will have to decide which medium fits best: online writing, video, photography and/or infographics & data-visualization.

You will also contribute for OOG-TV, a local news station in Groningen, located on the Zernike Campus with whom we have a partnership.

In addition to this there are more roles than writing, making photo's, filming and production;

  • You have to be able to work within an international group of students
  • You and your fellow students will have to make editorial choices
  • You will have to give feedback to each other
  • You will communicate and work in the English language only
  • You have a responsibility to your fellow students to participate and be a helpful member of the group!

If possible various guest lectures can be expected and we encourage students to organize their own excursions.

There are two things you always should keep in the back of your head:

  • Your target group(s): all current students involved in international educational programs in Groningen, but also the prospective students and the international students that did (a part of) their study in Groningen
  • Being a member of an 'editorial board', you are a journalist during the whole period, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Period 1

  • Project: International Cross Media Publishing 1 (6 ECTS)
  • Press Theory 1 (3 ECTS)
  • Journalistic writing 1 (2 ECTS)
  • Audio Visual Media 1 (2 ECTS)
  • Interviewing 1 (2 ECTS)

Period 2

  • Project: International Cross Media Publishing 2 (6 ECTS)
  • Press Theory 2 (3 ECTS)
  • Journalistic writing 2 (2 ECTS)
  • Audio Visual Media 2 (2 ECTS)
  • Interviewing 2 (2 ECTS)

Project: International Cross Media Publishing 

This course is the 'heart' of the minor. Every week you will be writing articles, giving feedback on others' articles, and discussing them in our weekly meetings. You will work in groups of a maximum of ten people during this course. Each group has a coach assigned who will comment and advise on the work being done. Part of this course is also a cooperation with the local TV-station in Groningen called OOG-TV , focused on Instagram video productions.

Press Theory

In this course you will become familiar with the ethical build up of (inter)national journalism. You will learn which principles are accepted around the world (Geneva-code) and which of these principles are being violated where and why. The course will be based upon real life cases in international journalism. It will also deal with new dilemma's in a changing media landscape. Study of what is called public opinion and news diffusion research. The study of interaction between journalism and politics. Issues that will be discussed: mission of international journalism, transparency, legal issues, difference journalism/propaganda, professionalism, objectivism vs. subjectivism, trends in modern journalism.

Journalistic writing

This course focuses on journalistic styles: news messages, articles, interview articles, opinion, press releases. Preparing articles: collecting written oral and other information, developing a structure, illustrating and proper use of English within the articles.

Audio Visual Media 

This course focuses on the analysis of news items, planning video scenarios, audio and visual design, editing and processing, as well as photography and some data visualization. Within this section you will have theoretical classes as well as technical assistance.


This course focuses on different models and frameworks of interviewing, sorts of questions, preparation of an interview as well as formatting/writing/filming an interview. In the second half of the minor the focus will be on making podcasts.

Practical information 

Admission requirements

  • Successful completion of at least one year university education and/or relevant professional experience.
  • We strongly recommend a minimum of a B2 English level. You are expected to already be able to write well in English.

Available for

Only available for SCMI-students and exchange students from partner universities.

Ilonka Hebels

(050) 595 4480

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