Honours Talent Programme

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The focus of this programme is to identify talented students within the IB bachelor's programmes and to assist them in accelerating their growth so that they are ready for high-level jobs sooner. Students in this programme will enjoy the advantage of innovative learning experiences that are designed to engage their participation, broaden their intellectual horizons, develop and sharpen their academic skills, and to explore personal development in depth.

IB students who wish to join the Honours Talent Programme should apply at the end of the first year. Those who are selected will begin the programme in the second year and will follow it alongside the regular IB study periods.

Benefits for student participants

This 30 European Credit (ECTS) programme offers students with superior professional potential special opportunities and resources, including the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research on business issues. Building upon the student's increasing knowledge, skills, and business acumen, this programme offers students:

  • Valuable knowledge and skills which will optimise potential to accelerate their career, for example, it will allow in-depth exploration of business topics in marketing, finance, management and organisation, business law, and policy and strategy.
  • Enrichment and exploration of current topics across different disciplines to broaden their potential for creativity and innovation in the work field.
  • Opportunities to explore individual professional interests.
  • Collaboration with senior level professionals in the student's field of interest, who will be acting as mentors, offering potential research and educational opportunities.
  • Encouragement and support to understand, plan and attain their own professional goals and reveal their personal and professional potential.
  • Development of a professional portfolio of their work.
  • Development of mentoring skills (older students providing support to new students).

Being part of this honours programme is not only a rewarding experience, it is an opportunity to dive deeper into the participant's post-IB future. Studying with fellow honours students will challenge students to stretch their capabilities in an intellectually-stimulating classroom environment. It provides an excellent preparation for further graduate or professional study.


For questions about the IBS Honours Talent Programme, please contact Gemma Coughlan, IBS Honours Coordinator, via [email protected] or Sanne Bosma, via [email protected]

For more information, you can also check this brochure.

Hanze Honours College

All excellence programmes at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, collectively form the Hanze Honours College. Within the Hanze Honours College students share their talent and have the opportunity to increase and develop new knowledge. You can find more information about the Hanze Honours College here.

Hobéon Certification

It is a priority for Hanze University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Groningen. The quality of Honours education is assured by a certification system which is unique in the Netherlands. The Hanze Honours College has been awarded the quality label for certification of Honours programmes by Hobéon. The Hanze Honours College is based on that authorised by Hobéon in order to certify Hanze UAS Honours programmes. The Hanze Honours College audits Honours programmes according to an honours-specific assessment frame and awards a certificate in case of a positive audit outcome. For Honours students this certification guarantees good Honours programmes. For schools and the Hanze UAS the certification shows pride in relation to their Honours programmes.