Just go for it!

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World Workplace Rotterdam

Yasmine is a Dutch student following the International Facility Management programme. We asked her why she decided to join this programme and how it is going.

Why did you choose International Facility Management instead of the Dutch bachelor? 
'I initially wanted to challenge myself by going for the international facility management programme instead of the Dutch version. I am still willing to challenge myself now by doing honours next to the main course.'

Did you hesitate or were you sure from the beginning? How did that process go? 
'I was hesitant at first, but after going to the open day I chose to at least try the international course and if I couldn’t make it, I could still switch to the Dutch course.'

What is it like fore you to follow classes in English? 
'At first, I was struggling a bit because I had to get used to listening, speaking and writing in English. But now it’s almost better than if I would be doing all the lectures in Dutch.'

What is the best part of the international programme according to you?  
'The international people you meet during the programme are for me the best part of international facility management. The international students that are following the whole course and all the exchange students are so nice to meet, and I get to know a lot of new cultures. Apart from that it’s an overall great experience to develop your English and being able to go abroad for an internship and minor.'

What difficulties do you face in this programme due to it being international? And how do you overcome these? 
'During the first exam I had a big problem with concentrating on and understanding the English. I overcame this by reading, writing and speaking more English in my own time. But in general, there are only positive challenges that I encounter and overcome.'

Do you have any tips for potential Dutch students who want to follow the international programme? 
'Just go for it!'

Photo: Yasmine amongst other students at the World Workplace Conference in Rotterdam.