'As every student comes from a different field, working together really shows how interdisciplinarity comes into place'

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Teodor Nedyalkov, student of the Master Interdisciplinary Business Professional

Having already completed his International Communication bachelor’s degree at Hanze, Bulgarian student Teodor Nedyalkov wanted to find a master's programme that would be challenging and allow him to expand his knowledge and skills in a new area. The Master Interdisciplinary Business Professional (MIBP) felt like the right choice.

'A one-year-long study, the MIBP focuses on topics such as academic research, personal development, professional skills and business-related interdisciplinary assignments. For me, conducting academic research was new, and going so in-depth by researching real-life cases for our Innovation Assignment (INA) was very intriguing. As every student comes from a different field, working together really shows how interdisciplinarity comes into place, combining diverse knowledge and expertise.'

Knowledge Based & Professional Skills

'The Knowledge Based Skills are an incredible discipline that lets us explore numerous topics related to the ever-changing business environment and what may influence it – innovation, wicked problems, technological advancements, sustainability and political influence, etc. The course allows us to explore such topics, create discussions and openly present our opinion. Professional Skills lets us build a personal development portfolio and build upon tackling challenges that we set and achieving them will help us on the way to becoming full-fledged professionals.'


'I chose this master as I wanted a challenge, and I definitely found what I was looking for. The programme is engaging and extensive. Even though we do not have a lot of classes per week, there is always something to do, whether it is preparing for BOKS (Body of Knowledge and Skills) or working on your next chapter of the INA research report. This is also why once you start this programme, you really need to step up your game when it comes to planning. As someone who always struggled with procrastination, this is one of my personal development skills and I am trying my best to become better, and the master’s curriculum is of great help for that.'

Community building

'Additionally, I need to acknowledge the great community of the IBP, with a team of professionals that are always open to help and give you the needed support. We have also had numerous different socialising events being organised, such as a get-together day and a Christmas party. We have had guest speakers and, most noticeably – a week-long trip to Berlin, where we were able to meet different successful entrepreneurs and learn from them about their path to success. It is these kind of activities that help you learn more and experience so much during your academic journey.'

'All these things round up the challenging and intriguing nature of the Interdisciplinary Business Professional programme. Why I am still unsure what the future has in store after graduating, I know that the IBP gave me skills that will benefit me greatly.'