Groningen never sleeps

Silvia Pezzicari student IPP

​My name is Silvia, I'm from Italy and I started the International Programme Physiotherapy at Hanze UAS when I was 24.

I decided to come to Groningen as I knew that the practical classes - and the contact time with the patients - are definitely an important part of the programme since the very beginning. 

Nonetheless, although being offered by a hogeschool the programme doesn't only focus on the practical aspect of  physiotherapy, but it also provides a solid theoretical base: the most updated pain education and the excellent research preparation of the evidence-based-practice courses are the strong point of the bachelor and are essential for the professional development of a physiotherapist.

Unlike most universities in other countries, Hanze leaves the internships for the last part of the study, letting the students gather sufficient knowledge in order to be ready for external clinicals. 
Thanks to the numerous partners the university has around the world, both internationals and Dutch can find the most suitable placement for them and with the increasing number of internationals, also the connections expand, providing future students with more and more possibilities. 

Overall, I've had and I am still having an extremely positive experience and I definitely recommend this path for whoever is willing to work hard... but also wants to have some fun - Groningen is the biggest student city in the Netherlands and it never sleeps!