You will be focusing on System Innovation Management, Sustainable Energy and ICT or Sustainable Energy Management. In-depth conceptual lectures are accompanied by practical assignments and technically orientated company visits. You are required to actively contribute to the course content by presenting papers and carrying out research tasks. Besides that you can chose between three different specialisations at different universities. 

Hanze UAS – Specialisation System Innovation Management (SIM) 

  • Energy System Modelling & Application 

  • Energy Infrastructures and Renewables 

  • System Innovation Processes 

  • System Business case Economics & Law 

  • Business Ecosystem Design 

Howest UAS – Specialisation Sustainable Energy and ICT 

  • Energy Audit,Flexibility & Dashboarding (electrical & thermal) 

  • Big Data & Internet of Things 

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

  • Renewables, Storage and smart Grids (electrical & thermal) 

  • Blockchain & Security 

University of Zaragoza – Specialisation Sustainable Energy Management (SEM) 

  • Socio-economic Aspects of Energy 

  • Renewable Energy Markets 

  • Electricity and Efficiency Energy Markets 

  • Systems and Tools for Energy Management 

  • Start Up and Management of Energy Service 

  • Companies (ESCOs) and Projects