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Sport Studies

Sports Studies

Online Taster Course
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Welcome to our Online Taster Courses! The School of Sports Studies offers a three-year flexible bachelor’s programme, made up of 180 ECTS. Do you want to focus on sports as a means for a social, better world or sports as a means for a more vital society? Are you going for the unlimited business possibilities of sports or are you the connector who brings all disciplines together? Get the best out of yourself based on your passion!

What is Online Taster Course?

During Online Taster Course you follow a part of a first-year study programme. It will give you an idea of what the programme is like. A module consists of three parts: a taster lecture, a bit of theory and a short exam. It is a good way for you to find out whether this study suits you, and your skills and qualities!

*The below video is in Dutch. 

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This Taster Course is taught by

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  • Leonie Theus


    Leonie Theus

Module 1: sport world & identity

What is the history of sports and what are people's motives to take part in sports? During this module, lecturer Leonie will tell you all about it!

Step 1: watch the introduction video

Long before the Olympics, there were the Tailteann Games, which the ancient Irish held around 1,800 BC. At the first recorded Olympic Games in 760 BC, there was only one event: a foot race. This video give you a first introduction to the history of sports. 

Watch the video

Step 2: watch the video

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Step 3: take the test

This exam is not meant to let you experience what an actual exam of a study programme is like. You can take the exam to check whether you have understood steps 1 and 2 of the Taster Course correctly. You will get feedback on your answers so that you can see why your answers were correct or incorrect. You can also interact with your classmates to find out how they did. 

Take the test

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Step 4: do the assignment

For this assignment, your task is to delve into the history and development of a sport of your choice. This exercise will provide insights into the sport's origin, how it has transformed over time and its current status in terms of global participation. 

Download the assignment

What's next?

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Fields of interest

  • Behaviour and Society
  • Business and Economics
  • Sports and Health