'The programme has given me a strong base and general knowledge of all business aspects.'

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Profile picture Lauriane Jambu, International Business student
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Lauriane Jambu was looking for a study programme taught in English, with the possibility of studying abroad and a placement abroad. The International Business bachelor programme included all of this.

'Besides an international programme, I was looking for something that would prepare me for a professional life as either an independent entrepreneur or an employee of a major international company. International Business at Hanze seemed to include all of it; on top of this it is located in the best student city in the Netherlands.'

'My first year was divided into two major group projects, supported by knowledge acquired through our lectures. The groups were each constructed of five students. Both were a simulation of a real project in the professional world, thought through to the smallest detail - we even had to wear proper business attire for meetings and presentation! Group projects included all kinds of topics (for example, ethics, marketing, HR, finance, management). The one I enjoyed the most was "BPP" where we were able to develop our own business by constructing a re(a)liable business plan. I had experienced lectures with over 100 students in my Design BBA; at Hanze I am able to directly apply theory taught in smaller classes, through group projects and a placement.' 

'My best experience of the International Business programme was the third year, our year abroad, which I completely spent abroad, in Mexico and the South of France. Also, I loved being able to work while studying through my "junior communication officer position" at the info desk of the International Business School (IBS). Having students work at the info desk of a faculty assures a lot more unity between staff, teachers and students. For those who want a special challenge at IBS, there is also an opportunity to integrate in the "honours society" in which teachers support you in developing/following your own projects.'

'IBS Hanze has given me a strong base and general knowledge of all business aspects which I need to enter the business world. First proof of this is my placement abroad at a luxury perfume "Maison" for which I got selected. I have been able to expand upon this base and specialise in the area of my interest, Marketing, through the graduation minor I followed in my fourth year. With every completed study year, Hanze has brought me several steps closer to achieving my goal: to work in the cosmetics, perfume and fashion luxury industry in the field of marketing and management.'