Teodora Nedyalkova graduated in 2016 and she is working as a cellist, as artistic director of the Kamerorkest van het Noorden, as teaching assistant to main instrument teacher Jan Ype Nota, cello teacher at various music schools and as a producer at Prince Claus Conservatoire for the classical department.

Her entrepreneurial skills led her to found various ensembles like the Canto Quartet, the Kahlo Piano Trio and the Nedyalkova/Lominadze Duo. Together with violinist Guillem Cabré Salagre she founded the Kamerorkest van het Noorden in 2016, a young and vibrant chamber music orchestra based in the city of Groningen. With Guillem and the Kamerorkest she recently created a successful project with the Dutch author Guus Kuijer, "Genesis - an new beginning", and "Satarsa" with Maxim Shalygin. 
You can read more about Teodora on her website.

Staying was the natural continuation of my education

Choosing the Master of Music

I decided to stay at the Prince Claus Conservatoire because it felt like a natural continuation of my Bachelor degree which I finished Cum Laude. One of the main reasons was my teacher Jan-Ype Nota. Another great benefit in my opinion is the way how the programme is built: it is very personal and it allows you to specialize in the field which is most interesting for your own professional future.

My research

In the fourth year of my Bachelor I discovered the Soviet composer Alfred Schnittke. Together with the Canto Quartet we were working on his String Quartet nr. 3 and I got really fascinated by his unique musical language that seemed so mystical and unknown to me. I decided to dedicate my artistic research to Schnittke's music and philosophy, and more specific to the alphabet of his polystylistic language. I connected this rather theoretical research to my business plan for a project called "The link between the ages", organizing and playing recitals dedicated to Alfred Schnittke. The performances served as a platform for exploring, researching and presenting my new ideas. 

Being a professional musician

Looking back, the programme offered me the freedom I needed to find myself, but whenever I needed guidance I found that too. I was quite sure of what I wanted, I could visit master classes or lectures, meet and even play with musicians who helped me understand the topic I chose to research. I grew as a person and as a musician, still being inspired by Schnittke. And in my final year of my master's I founded the Kamerorkest van het Noorden, together with Guillem Cabré Salagre, another master student. I'm proud of the development of the orchestra and the things we do. 


SATARSA is a multidisciplinary performance based on the story of Julio Cortázar and his ingenious use of the palindrome. The programme features music by Guillaume de Machaut, Alfred Schnittke and the world premiere of “Satarsa” by composer Maxim Shalygin.