'It took 15 hours of print and 3 meters of paper, but the experience that I got cannot be compared to any digital work'

  • Student aan het woord

Anna is a third year Design student from Ukraine. 

'Being a part of the Graphic Design world has always been a dream of mine. I was brought up in a creative environment, but none of my family members were able to make it into a career. As a non-EU student, I found the perfect option: an English-taught program with the first year being a broad overview of all the fields of design while being part of an international community.'

'The first year at Minerva gives a comprehensive overview of all the fields of design. This helped me to explore other fields of a design career and stretch my personal understanding of what design is. On one day you do model drawings; on another you carve a wooden cup or make 3-D animations. That is what I enjoyed the most during my first year.'

'The programme is training your creative flexibility as a designer. The practical side is also a priority here, but mainly the programme shapes the way of thinking. For instance, by breaking the boundaries and mixing different disciplines. Being taught to be flexible helps to prepare for a future career. The curriculum is structured in a way to train both the capacity to work with other designers or clients and to be able to work independently. In the 3rd year of studies, you get an opportunity to try out gained skills in the most suitable way by doing an internship, exchange, minor or project.' 

'At first I wasn't comfortable with big-scale projects or I was overthinking a lot which didn't lead to making things. However, in the 3rd year, I can proudly acknowledge the fact that this is not an issue for me. One of the recent projects I did was related to the climate. The exploration of the topic from a theoretical and artistic point of view ended up in a big-scale hand-printed poster. It took 15 hours of print and 3 meters of paper, but the experience that I got cannot be compared to any digital work.' 

'The other project was the assignment to create the campaign for the 2022 Graduation Show. We worked in a small team with a raw concept and a few design proposals. My favourite thing about this project was the number of different products we had to make. Starting from posters, banners, digital content, moving images, maps, catalogues and even some space decoration. We had a teacher coordinator who guided us all through the project. I learnt new skills, practised working in a team and dealing with time pressure. In my opinion, those two diverse projects shaped my interest in graphic design.'


'Speaking of the community at Minerva: it is a nicely balanced environment with friendly and open-minded people. You are likely to find same-minded folks. A lot of initiative comes from students, so don't hesitate to be a part of an active community.  I'd recommend this programme to ambitious learners or students who are still discovering their creative path.'