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Master in International Business and Management

3 semesters
Master of Business Administration
Start: September

Would you like to work in the management team of an international company or be part of a business team that is aiming for internationalisation? Are you looking to develop broader competencies for your future work as a manager? The Master in International Business and Management (MIBM) prepares you to work in a real international context, by gaining intercultural specific competences.

Projects with impact

During your master’s, you will be involved with projects that combine working in research, education and industry. Through applied research you come up with innovative solutions for genuine societal issues. Below, you can find some examples of projects our master’s students engage in.

We are International Business & Management

Sla over
  • Patrícia Duarte de Almeida

    Head of Education IBS Masters

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  • Egbert Dommerholt

    Professor Biobased Business Valorization

    Profile picture of Egbert Dommerholt, Professor Biobased Business Valorization
  • Ning Ding

    Lecturer & Researcher

    Profile picture of IBS lecturer and researcher Ning Ding
  • Mariusz Soltanifar

    Lecturer Marketing & Entrepreneurship

    Profile picture of Marketing & Entrepreneurship lecturer Mariusz Soltanifar
  • Alison Zikmund-Morrell

    Admissions Officer & Management Assistant

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  • Dzifa Gomashie

    Educational Support Officer

    Profile picture Dzifa Gomashie, educational support officer for the Master in International Business & Management

About this programme

In the Master in International Business & Management (MIBM) programme you learn to solve international business issues from the boardroom perspective of an existing company, with significant practical and professional orientation towards international business. The programme truly applies professional knowledge and skills into practice. You will be working together with students and faculty from all over the world.

On top of this, the MIBM offers you the opportunity to obtain a dual degree, allowing you to study for one third of the programme at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in Cambridge, UK. Please note there are limited places available. After completing the dual degree programme, you will receive two officially recognised international master's diplomas.

Course overview

Year 1

Our overall educational concept is characterised by small group sizes and intensive contact between students and faculty. Next to lectures and workshops, you work both individually and in
teams on practice-based and experience-based projects and case studies. Within our Living Labs, you interact with the world of professional practice through guest lectures as well as through 
seminars, real-life consultancy projects and company visits. Our teaching staff is selected to ensure an interesting mixture of business experience and expertise in applied research. Throughout the programme the integration between different knowledge areas is strongly emphasised.

Invitation to the Boardroom

In the business simulation game 'Invitation to the Boardroom' you and your fellow students will be invited to work on the boardroom case of a real company. We will set you up with a task and a real-life boardroom problem that you will have to solve in limited time, with limited resources and changing parameters. You will step into the role of a boardroom executive and come up with your strategic direction. This business game requires you to put into practice all that you have learned.

Watch this video (YouTube) to find out what the Boardroom looks like in practice!

Intercultural business setting

The concept of the boardroom gives every course a unique setting, which prepares you for complex decision-making in a dynamic international business environment. To create a business plan, get a go-ahead and begin implementation of the plan, you must communicate and cooperate with external stakeholders, as well as colleagues in all layers of an organisation. Therefore, this master's programme also has a strong focus on developing communication competences that you can apply in an authentic and multicultural business setting.

Year 2 (semester 3)

In the third and final semester of the Master in International Business & Management you will work on your master thesis. During the second semester you will select a topic and business setting for your thesis. In your thesis you will research a real question for a real client from a company or organisation.

Entry requirements

To enrol for the Master in International Business & Management, you will need the following:

  • A valid business bachelor's degree: a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a business bachelor's degree accompanied by a transcript that holds all the following courses*: Human Resource Management, Operations Management or Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Strategic Management.
  • 2-3 minute video in which you explain your motivation and skills. As a Dutch student you don't have to provide proof of English language proficiency, but we will assess your language skills through your video. In your video you should address the following:
    • What are you passionate about? How does this master help you prepare for your future?
    • What can you contribute to the MIBM learning community (think of skills, knowledge, experience, perspective, network)?
    • Information on the following competencies with the support of relevant academic/professional achievements and or international/intercultural experiences: 
      • (applied) research skills
      • critical thinking
      • cultural sensitivity

Please note that it does not matter where you upload the video, as long as you provide a link that enables us to click and immediately view the video (without downloading or logging into a new app). You are also responsible for ensuring your own privacy (sharing a private link with us, for example). In most cases, YouTube is the easiest, most reliable, and user friendly platform to use.

  • An admissions interview is not a standard part of the admissions procedure; however, the Admissions Committee can request for additional supporting documents or examination in the form of an (online) interview.

*In some cases, admission may be granted if one or more of these courses are missing on the student's transcript. Students are required to bring themselves up to the bachelor's level of this course though self-study before beginning the master's programme. A self-study literature list will be provided.

Application and enrolment

Once you have made your final choice of degree programme, apply for the degree programme via Studielink before 15 August.

Start of the degree programme

The degree programme will start in September. It is not possible to start in February.


Fields of interest

  • Business and Economics
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