Please note that due to proposed changes to the Internationale Betriebswirtschaft programme, application for this bachelor track for next year is no longer possible. Please know that you are very welcome to apply for our English-taught International Business (IB) bachelor tracks. The 4 year IB programme is open to students with a secondary school diploma: Abitur or Fachhochschulreife and the 3 year IB programme is particularly suitable for students with an Abitur. 

The diverse, practical and bilingual study programme Internationale Betriebswirtschaft is part of the International Business School, and guarantees you are surrounded with an international atmosphere. To broaden your international horizon and to deepen your cultural awareness you will learn a foreign language. You can choose from Spanish, French, German (only for non-German), Dutch (only for non-Dutch) or Mandarin Chinese.

What distinguishes this programme is the year abroad, which consists of a semester at one of our numerous partner universities and a semester of doing an internship. This combination ensures are fully prepared for the international working life.

During this four-year Bachelor programme, students will deal with complex economic issues, both in English and German, while developing intercultural awareness. The programme teaches ambitious students valuable skills and competences for a successful start in the ever-changing international business world.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality education and is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Our educational concept is characterized by practical problem solving, which allows students to actively participate during classes. A special feature of the IBS bachelor programmes, is that there is no Numerus Clausus. Furthermore, Groningen was voted as the best student city in the Netherlands. The city offers various student associations, international unions and shopping possibilities.


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Programme structure


The Internationale Betriebswirtschaft bachelor is offered by the International Business School (IBS) and is a 4-year full-time study programme with 240 ECTS (European Credits). Each academic year consists out of two semesters, divided into two periods of 10 weeks each. The study programme focuses on cultural differences, which are a fundamental part of this programme. The curriculum is structured in such a way that content, assignments and projects are relevant, and reflect upon the events of today's international business world. This includes practical assignments for external companies when possible.

The first year of the 4-year study programme is used to bring students with similar skills and levels of education together. The second year builds on the knowledge that is gained in the first year and prepares the students for the year abroad, which takes place in the third year. This consists out of one semester at a partner university and one semester doing an internship abroad.

The first year

The first year

In the first year, students take courses in German and English, such as Marketing, Economics, Organizational Behaviour & Change Management, Supply Chain Management, Economic Research Methods and financial subjects, which consist of components of cost accounting and bookkeeping. Next to that, there are subjects such as Business English, Intercultural Competences, Ethics in Business, Professional Development and a second foreign language. In order to prepare students for the internship and the future job market, the theoretical knowledge is applied in an integrated project at the end of each semester.

The second year

The second year

In order to increase the international character of the Internationale Betriebswirtschaft programme, the subjects in the second year will be taught in English, together with the students of the English-taught International Business programme. The knowledge is developed in lectures, group work, research and homework. High commitment to self-study is necessary to successfully pass the exams.

The third year

Study abroad semester

During the third year you will spend an entire semester at one of our 100 partner universities. These are located all over the world. This is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, gain cultural experience and to develop your foreign language skills. The semester should be followed outside of your home country. Non-Dutch students also have the opportunity to follow a minor in European Business or Sustainable Energy at IBS or a minor at another school at Hanze UAS.


In addition to the semester abroad, you will do an internship at a company outside of your home country. German students who follow the Internationale Betriebswirtschaft programme can also complete an internship in an internationally oriented company in Germany. During the internship you can apply the skills and knowledge you have gained during the first and the second year. Students have to find a placement company themselves, but you can find useful information in the databases from the International Business School (IBS). The database gives access to advertised internships and experiences from previous students who have completed their internships at companies such as: Tesla in Switzerland, Hugo Boss in New York, Shell in Kuala Lumpur, Bosch in Paris, Moët in London, Philips in Hong Kong, L'Oréal in Auckland, Lufthansa in Moscow, Continental Tire in Malaysia and Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts in Shanghai.

The fourth year

Graduation minor

In the fourth and final year of study, students take modules in English that are related to the chosen graduation minor. You can choose from one of the following graduation minors:

Graduation project

In the last semester, students write their bachelor thesis. They complete a graduation project in which they are regarded as a consultant for an internationally operating company. You will be required to obtain, define, analyse and research a business-related problem  and work out a strategic solution. You will write a report and present and defend your findings in an oral presentation.

Learn a second language

Second language

To improve cultural awareness and to broaden your horizon, a second foreign language is part of the four-year programme Internationale Betriebswirtschaft. You can choose from the following languages: Spanish, French, German (non-German only), Dutch (non-Dutch only) and Mandarin Chinese. All language courses start at a beginner level. Learning a foreign language creates a good basis for your year abroad and for your professional life.

Please note that all our language classes start at level zero. At the end of year 1 you will have reached level A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference and at the end of year 2 your skills will be at level B1. For more information and to find out what exactly you will learn in each of the languages, please check the IBS language guide

Academic Advisor

Your personal study advisor

The International Business School offers study support throughout the programme under the name 'Academic Advice'.  In the first year, the supervision focuses on the study progress of the individual student and support with the transition to higher education. In the following years, the Academic Advisor (AA) proceeds to assist students in the study progress and helps with problems.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities

The study programmes of IBS are a solid basis for a successful career in international business. Thanks to the practical elements of the studies, you have the opportunity to set up a network before starting your career. Out of the many different directions and possibilities, these are some that you could take:

  • HR-Manager at Gasunie, Groningen
  • Key Account Manager at Amazon, München
  • Talent Recruiter at Johnson & Johnson, Hamburg
  • New Business Sales Planner, Google Germany
  • Project Manager Internationalisation, Audi AG Germany
  • Entrepreneur in various areas, for example in business consulting

Master's programmes

Master's programmes

 After successfully completing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, you have the opportunity to complete a master's degree at Hanze UAS. More information here. The International Business School currently offers a Master in International Business and Management (MIBM) and an Master of Science in Business Studies (Interdisciplinary Business Professional).

If you want to find out which master's degree you can pursue at Hanze once you've obtained your bachelor's degree, or if you're interested in a master's programme and want to find out which bachelor's degrees give access to this programme, you can make use of the Transfer tool bachelor - master



LinkedIn research has shown that IBS graduates work in a wide range of business-related positions. They occupy leading positions, for example in marketing, finance, management, strategic business development and consulting. Since the early 1990s, more than 3.000 economics students have earned their bachelor's (88%) and master's (12%) degrees from IBS.

Year 1

  • Prozessmanagement
  • Buchführung
  • Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung
  • Volkswirtschaftslehre
  • Marketing
  • Business English
  • Zweite Fremdsprache
  • Behaviour, Change Management & Organisation
  • Wissenschaftliche Forschungsmethoden
  • Angewandte Statistik
  • Intercultural Competences in Business
  • Professional Development
  • Law & Ethics in Business
  • Integrierte Projekte

Year 2

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Organisation & People
  • Business English
  • Zweite Fremdsprache
  • Intercultural Competences in Business
  • New Economic Realities
  • Professional Development

Year 3

  • Study abroad (partner university)
  • International work placement

Year 4

  • Graduation minor
  • Graduation project & thesis

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