Are you interested in studying in an international environment with students from over 35 nationalities? Would you like to learn how to determine the needs and wants of customers, and how to convince them to buy your brand and not the competitors? Are you ready to dive into international marketing issues?

Welcome to Marketing Management!

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Are you interested in studying marketing, but more comfortable studying in Dutch? Then the Dutch-taught Commerciële Economie programme is just what you're looking for.

The dynamic world of marketing

The essential of marketing is to teach a consumer, whether that consumer is an individual or a business, why he should choose your product or service (and not that of a competitor). Due to digitalisation and globalisation, the marketing field is fast-evolving and trend sensitive. The social media tools businesses use to promote their products nowadays will probably have changed five years from now. As a marketing professional, you are challenged to constantly stay updated on the latest development in the field. 

This is why, in our Marketing Management programme at Hanze UAS, we don't only teach you theory, but also help you develop the skills you need in order to stay on top of the game. Every unit in our programme is composed of theory, projects done in international project groups, and skill-building.

Naturally, we teach you how to aim for profit, but we also find it important to take the world around us into consideration. Therefore, we draw special attention to the topics of ethics and corporate social responsibility. Next to that, we focus on intercultural competencies throughout the programme. You work in international and intercultural project groups and will learn how this may be challenging at first, but will be a lot of fun and an enriching experience in the end.

Join us at Hanze University of Applied Sciences: share your talent. move the world.


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​​​​​First year

First year

The first year focuses on the fundamentals of marketing and the operational level of management. It gives you an introduction to the fields of marketing and organisation theory. Subjects and assignments will mostly focus on marketing, economics, corporate communication and sales. In international project groups, you will work on practical marketing cases for (real-life) clients and bring theory into practice. The subjects offered are very much related to these assignments. We aim to deepen your cultural awareness and broaden your horizons.

The second year

The second year

In the second year you will learn how to approach the market. You will learn about customer behaviour and how to translate that information into a practical product or service. Research enables you to answer questions such as: how to approach customers, who exactly are your customers, what price do you charge for your product and how will you inform potential customers, offline as well as online. You will also acquire more in-depth knowledge about marketing planning, sales and customer relations as part of an organisation's overall marketing policy.

The third year

The third year

During your third year, you will undertake an internship. Here you will see how marketing communication and sales work in daily practice. You will also do a small research project as part of this internship. If you are Dutch, we want to challenge you to acquire international experience, which is why you are required to do your internship abroad. Non-Dutch students can choose whether they want to do their internship abroad or in the Netherlands.

After your internship, you can opt for a minor programme of your choice. A minor is a 30 ECTS elective semester during which you can choose to either broaden or deepen your knowledge. You can opt for a minor programme offered by Hanze UAS, but can also pursue a minor programme at another Dutch university of applied sciences. Love to travel? You can also study abroad at one of our partner universities located all around the world!

The fourth year

The fourth year

In the first semester of the fourth year, we delve into the topics of key account management and marketing planning as a part of an organisation's integrated market policy. During the second semester, you will do a graduation project, combining all the knowledge and skills you have gained during the degree programme. You will do a complete assignment, from first analysis to the final recommendations, commissioned by a company or organisation and supervised by our lecturers. You could be asked to write a marketing or sales plan or how to introduce or improve Online marketing at a company, for example. Upon graduation you already have two professional marketing/company experiences on your CV, which will give you a big step ahead as you embark on your career, anywhere in the world.



You will be appointed a study coach at the start of year 1, who will remain with you until you complete your programme in year 4. Your study coach will supervise you in your development as a student and will advise you on any choices you need to make during your studies. They will also discuss your results with you at the end of each of the 4 periods per year. The study coach will help you develop the skills you need to be a successful student and marketeer. You can approach them with all your questions about your degree programme.

International opportunities

International opportunities

The Marketing Management bachelor's programme encourages students to broaden their horizons, for example by following parts of the programme abroad. Our Placement Office has many international contacts, to provide you with good internships abroad in year 2 (Germany, Spain, China, Malaysia, etc.). We also have exchange programmes with various universities, for a Study Abroad in year 4. You can view a list of our partner universities here.

Graduate profile

Graduate profile

The following will appear on your diploma:

Programme: Commerciële Economie / Marketing
Major: Marketing Management
Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

​Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Upon graduation you will be ready to enter both the international and national labour market. You will fit in a wide variety of commercial positions. The jobs that you will have been educated for have one thing in common: the present-day and near-future marketing industry challenges. The study programme allows for a broad future, as every single business requires marketing knowledge. Here are some examples of career options, positions and possibilities: (online) marketeer, business development specialist, account manager, sales officer, entrepreneur or communication officer. All jobs have one thing in common: they all have a customer focus and go for providing customer value, and better than your organisations' competitors can do this; or simply, good marketing management.

The work

The work

Despite the wide variety of suitable jobs for Marketing students, they all have one thing in common, as we put it at the School of Marketing Management: they all have a customer focus and go for providing customer value, and better than your organisations’ competitors can do this; or simply, good marketing management.

Pursue a master's degree

Pursue a master's degree

Are you interesting in pursuing a master's degree? Hanze UAS has got you covered! We offer a range of practice-oriented master's programmes which may be just what you're looking for. Check out the current offer at Of course you can also opt for another suitable follow-up programme at any Dutch or foreign university.

Year 1

  • Marketing in a Global World
  • Integrated Project Assignments
  • Business Communication English
  • Communication and Management Skills
  • Intercultural Competencies
  • Personal Development
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Sales Training

Year 2

  • Marketing Research
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/Ethics
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • CRM/Online Marketing
  • Change Management

Year 3

  • Internship
  • Minor/Study Abroad

Year 4

  • Key Account Management
  • Marketing Planning
  • Graduation project

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