Creative Media & Game Technologies

4 years
Bachelor of Science
240 ECTS
Start: September
  • Language and Communication
  • Science and Engineering

In the Creative Media and Game Technologies programme (CMGT), you will work with cutting-edge technologies to learn how to build the future through making games: how to deploy technologies and how to invent with them. This four-year international programme focuses on students who want to dive into the broad and fast-changing field of digital technology.

Projects with impact

What makes studying at Hanze UAS unique is that you will work on projects for real clients and contribute to concrete solutions for current issues impacting society. Below, you can find some examples of projects our students engage in.

We are Creative Media & Game Technologies

Sla over
  • Geert Broekman

    Makerspace Guru

    Geert Broekmann
  • Henriët Eilander


    Henriët Eilander
  • Nick Lumatalale

    Study Advisor and Curriculum Committee

    Nick Lumatalale
  • Fiona Schrage


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  • Thomas van Halteren

    Management Assistant

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  • Mark Huizenga

    Blackboard - Coordinator/SBC

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  • Yahya Aranhay

    Blackboard - Website

  • Charlotte Hardy

    Educational Support Osiris and Blackboard

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  • Heleen Schuurman

    Career Desk - Support

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  • Rik Boer

    Career Desk - Internship

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  • Kees Westerkamp

    Career Desk - Graduation

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  • Edwin Yanarico Bautista

    Marketing & Recruitment

  • Manno Bult

    Makerspace Coordination

    Manno Bult - Hanze_CMI-8495.jpg
  • Sean Smith

    Curriculum Committee / CMI Assessment Committee

    Sean Smith - Hanze_CMI-4360.jpg
  • Ilja Plutschouw

    Curriculum Committee

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  • Kor Boerema

    Curriculum Committee

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  • Karsten Kip

    CMI Exam Board

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  • Mitchel Bonnema

    Academic Counselor Coordinator

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  • Mark-Peter Steenhuis

    Special Needs Counselor CMGT

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About this programme

During the bachelor Creative Media & Game Technologies, you will learn to conceptualise innovative solutions for realising creative media. You will work on defining and promoting (serious) game concepts, learn to understand the principles of game art and develop the code for gameplay. While working in a team, you will learn how to turn a game concept into a final product and how to involve the end user in the development cycle. With an emphasis on research, innovation, intercultural communication, and entrepreneurship, Creative Media & Game Technologies is both a generalist and a specialist training programme for the creative industry.

The programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need for a career in the global creative media industry. You will develop an innovative mindset, learn to work with new and exciting technologies, and put your skills and knowledge to use in the world around you. You will learn about creative design and user experience, you will be applying cutting-edge technologies, and learn to work with other future professionals. You will gain the necessary skills to develop your own applications, create digital assets, and design (serious) game concepts. Throughout the programme, you are offered many opportunities to both broaden and deepen your skillset, fitting it to your interests.

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Course overview

Year 1

The first year is divided into four periods in which you develop the core skills needed in the world of game technologies and creative media. Throughout the year, you will learn about your (current and future) role in the industry, gain development skills and be introduced to evaluation methods and design theories. In the first block on Design & Prototyping, you will learn how to create a mixed-media board game about wayfinding using mainly analogue means, incorporating mixed-media elements such as 3D printing, electronics, and visual media. The second block lets you develop your concept from the first block into a digital 2D game, while taking into account the design of user interfaces and user experiences. Your new digital development skills are further developed in the third block, which focuses on the development of 3D assets and games for real-world cases. You will also delve deeper into fundamental thinking on games and the concept of play. In the final block of your first year, you will reflect on your skills and put them to the test by taking your prototype from block three and developing it into a finished product!

Year 2

In the second year, you will explore how you can apply new technologies such as VR, AR, AI, and Mocap in game concepts for real clients. You will also get to personalise your studies, first through Focus Tracks which expand on your core skills, then through Electives, which diversify your skillset with more specific topics. Through all these choices we want to support you in the direction you want to develop yourself in this field. During the last semester of the second year, you will work on a big project in the Game Lab. Here you can work on your own concept or work directly with a real client, finishing the year with a final product!

Year 3

The third year consists of your internship and more elective space. You can broaden your skills with more electives or follow a minor at another programme or perhaps even abroad at one of our partner schools.

Year 4

During your fourth year, you will work on a client case in the Innovation Workplace, where multi-disciplinary teams develop a solution with their broad range of skills. Alongside the Innovation Workplace, you will get more elective space. Finally, you spend the last semester working on the capstone project of your studies: a graduation project for a client or sponsor. You can do this on your own or in a small team. This project entails designing, prototyping, and iterating to develop a professional product that shows off what you can contribute to the world. Creative Media and Game Technologies is about preparing you for the future – giving you the skills, the experience and the confidence to make your way in a rapidly changing world. At CMGT, we can’t predict the future, but we can prepare you for it – the future that you will make!

After your studies

Pursue a master's degree

After your bachelor’s degree, you can join our professional master’s programme in International Communication, Energy for Society or MSc in Business Studies (Interdisciplinary Business Professional). Or continue your focus on producing and developing new technology with the Master in Digital Technology (Dutch-taught). You can also choose another master’s programme at an academic university.

Career prospects

A degree in CMGT prepares you for a range of jobs in the creative industry such as:

  • Game designer
  • VR/AR designer
  • Art director
  • Animator

With CMGT you can also start your own business in the creative industry. Become the technologist of tomorrow and chart your own future!

Admission & application

Fields of interest

  • Language and Communication
  • Science and Engineering
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